Five Fast Tips to Give Your Emails a Quick Boost

by Victor Green
3 mins read

There’s nothing worse than feeling strained for time with a million things left to do on your agenda and a rapidly dwindling work week. Unfortunately, just because you’re in a rush, that doesn’t mean all of these obligations will wait patiently in line while you sort things out one by one. To help free up some of your time, and keep your brand on track for success in the inbox, here’s five fast tips that can give your marketed messages a much needed boost. These simple strategies won’t completely overhaul a flagging or failing campaign, but if you’re just looking to spruce up your emails until you have time to really dig into a redesigned approach, these tips should be more than capable of bridging the gap.

Slip in a Promo Video

To start things off, what better way is there to breathe new life into stale or boring email content than with a great promotional video? As Chad Brooks of Business News Daily explains, this simple addition to your standard email offerings can boost your return on investment (ROI) by up to 40 percent, and help click-through rates spike by as much as three times your average volume. This approach might sound like a lot of work, but if you already have previously used video content lying around, or a dedicated brand YouTube page up and running, repurposing these digital assets becomes a significantly less time consuming affair.

Send More of Your Best Messages

One of the most overlooked tools at a brand or marketer’s disposal are the analytics that come with these forays into the inbox. Essentially, you will often have a virtual plethora of data on hand, so put this info to work and find out what’s causing the best reaction from the people on the other side of the screen. Once you’ve honed in on the best options in your arsenal, whether via open rates, redemption numbers, or any other indicator, simply shift your focus to these messages in the form of increased outreach. It’s not a surefire way of getting the most bang for your buck – especially considering the volatile nature of certain audiences – but it’s hard to argue with the logic that comes from leaning on your most productive offerings.

If You’re Not Being Social, Start Now!

Additionally, Brooks points out that there’s absolutely no reason to not include social media buttons within your email content. Alongside email marketing, social media is one of the most powerful mediums when dealing in audience outreach, so combining the two can be a major victory for your brand. The best part? It only takes a few minutes to include the like, share, tweet, and favorite buttons into your message template. Once you have these additions in order, you can watch your optimized content go viral in front of an entirely new audience.

Streamline Your Digital Process

For those brands looking to handle two problems with one solution, Kivi Leroux Miller of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide research site suggests fixing up the consumer path to checkout for when you actually get these inbox viewers on site. Not only will this help boost conversion rates from the shoppers that originate via your email marketing operations, this approach also helps you improve your odds with the consumers that wonder in from other places around the web. As far as optimizing your time expenditure goes, this overarching tactic can definitely help you on a variety of fronts.

Get Your First Impression Right

Finally, if there’s one portion of the email marketing process you give a few minutes of your time to, Miller explains that it has to be what your audience sees above the fold. Whether it’s your “From” address or the subject line of your marketed message, the few characters that make up these selections go a long way toward getting an open as the reader quickly glances over each new inbox entry.To succeed in these two areas, make sure the “From” byline clearly identifies your brand or other associated persona, as this builds familiarity with your viewership. On the topic of subject lines, being straightforward, catchy, and informative is the best way to snag a view and boost your email marketing results without a ton of work. If you can incorporate these ideas, as well as the rest of what you’ve learned, then you’ll be well on your way to generating some serious buzz with your emails, even if you don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to improving this branch of your marketing operations.

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