Five Quick Tips for Repurposing Your Email Content

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Sometimes, the biggest problem that comes with running a strong and consistent email marketing campaign isn’t found on the technical side of the process. In fact, once you’re set up with a strong and consistent platform, keeping this well-oiled machine in motion is actually pretty easy. Where most brands get tripped up is with the creation of their content.While you might not feel the same pressure as Hemingway or Twain, facing down writer’s block when it comes to your marketing messages is never a good thing. With this in mind, let’s talk about five quick and effective ways to repurpose some of your old content. This way, you’ll not only get through the tough times when fresh ideas are scarce, but you’ll also be able to breathe new life into content that still has plenty to offer to the people on the other side of the screen.

Break down an Old Blog Post

At the top of the list of repurposing ideas, according to Search Engine Watch’s Salma Jafri, is splitting up old blog content and leveraging these ideas in upcoming emails. Considering that the value held within these informative and engaging selections, it makes sense to “spotlight” key points and concepts as part of your inbox strategy. The best part? For particularly relevant or poignant posts, you can pull multiple topics and excerpts to keep the excitement and intrigue flowing with your email marketing audience.

The Same Goes for eBooks

On a similar line of thought, if you have an established eBook that might be relevant to your growing email audience, there’s no reason not to repurpose this content and offer it up to your readers in the inbox. Naturally, distilling this long-form offering into a series of interconnected messages can take a little more time and effort when compared to the work that goes into doing the same for a typical blog post.However, this additional commitment can solve your content creation problems over a far greater period. Instead of developing one email, the repackaged message found within your eBook can span days or even weeks, thus capturing the attention of your inbox following and keeping these viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment in this ongoing series.

Leveraging Your Social Content

In terms of making the most of digital marketing overlap, Erin Everhart of Search Engine Land suggests tapping into your social media profiles as a way to generate message ideas and content. Whether you highlight a tweet, a post, or a pin of your own, or if you take this opportunity to help boost the reach of an industry influencer or respected voice, integrating social content into your email marketing plans is a quick and efficient way to tether these two powerful platforms to one another. For those who are willing to go the extra mile, there’s also the opportunity to keep this interconnected approach moving forward by promoting awareness of your email contact list via these established profiles.

Share Your Video Content

If your brand already has a stable of YouTube postings or on-site video content, why not incorporate this media into your next series of email blasts? Obviously it’s important to verify that this portion of your brand following has an interest in this type of content, otherwise you run the risk of sending these inbox viewers irrelevant messages. However, once you get the green light from your consumer data regarding the content preferences of your contact list, then you’ll have another type of medium to lean on as you continue to stand out from the competition.

Update an Infographic

Finally, the Content Marketing Institute’s Arnie Kuenn points out that infographics – when properly sized and rendered – can excel as a form of repurposed content. The big key to keep in mind on this front is that sending out infographics as part of your email content means updating these offerings from time to time. If you’ve ever worked with infographics before, then you know that this form of content requires the utmost care when it comes to data and information. The last thing you want to do is send out an email with dated – or flat out wrong – information standing center stage.Naturally, you don’t want to rely solely on repurposing content from your digital endeavors as the fuel that feeds your email marketing fire. However, letting this practice guide the way from time to time can help keep things running smoothly as you continue to engage and interact with the people who make up your inbox audience.

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