Why Email Remains King: The Benefits of Email Marketing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

In today’s marketing and business landscape, it seems like “social media” is the current buzzword when it comes to trendy marketing strategies that are supposed to be “must haves”. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that sometimes email marketing is pushed aside or ignored completely. When it comes right down to it, however, email marketing is probably the most effective marketing strategy that has the highest return on investment out there. Studies have found this to be true over and over again, and yet it seems as though many people are still overlooking email marketing strategy because it doesn’t seem as “shiny” as a newer marketing form such as social media strategy. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a mistake. Let’s talk about why email marketing remains king of the digital marketing realm.

Consumers Prefer Email

A variety of studies have found that consumers prefer email marketing to any other marketing channel when it comes to promotional messages. What does this mean, exactly? Well for one thing, it means that consumers are less likely to be annoyed by receiving an email promotional message than another form of marketing, including social media ads or video ads. Because the consumer is less likely to be annoyed, they’re more likely to be receptive to the content in the email. This means that they will probably open and engage in your email instead of ignoring it and missing out on your offer.

Email is Intimate

Because email marketing is highly customizable, it’s an excellent way to reach out to potential leads in an intimate and personal way. When you invest in email marketing, you have the chance to craft a campaign that affects your subscribers in a very personal way – you can send them a message that feels as though it was crafted specifically for them rather than something mass-produced, in other words, without actually having to write hundreds (or thousands) of individual emails. This is an advantage over other types of marketing where the message tends to be blatantly geared towards the masses rather than a specific person. Everyone likes to feel important, and email marketing takes advantage of that desire in a big way.

Email Can Be Consumed Anywhere

Marketing methods like social media strategy necessarily dictate that consumers be on a specific website at a particular time to gain the most benefit from the message. This limits the number of people who can be reached with said campaign. Let’s think about the 9-5 worker, for example, who doesn’t have access to their social media platforms during the day when they’re at work. They will miss out on many of the campaigns that take place on social media during the work day. Email, however, is something that tends to be consumed everywhere. Office workers will check email all day long – in fact, the average office employee will check their email around 30 times an hour! Email marketing is something that is highly effective across a number of different populations and target audiences.

Email Can Promote Anything

Or, more specifically, email campaigns can incorporate any kind of content into their messages. This is something that people often do not consider when they brush off the idea of investing in an email marketing strategy. You can easily create an email campaign that incorporates user generated content (another current buzzword) or social media content in addition to presentations, videos, and images along with text. You are not limiting yourself when you invest in email marketing – on the contrary, you are smartly enabling yourself to take advantage of a number of different marketing strategies.

Email is Predictable

Despite the changing digital media landscape and the emergence of new marketing methods, email marketing has remained steady in its effectivity and its appeal. While there are often claims that email marketing is “dead”, the data shows a much different reality. Email marketing continues to hold steady as an effective strategy that is surprisingly evolutionary in scope and scalability. It has, most of all, proven that it’s a predictably effective marketing strategy that seems likely to stand up to the rigors of changing media and changing marketing expectations.Email marketing might not be the most glamorous of marketing methods, however it is a dependable and highly effective marketing strategy. You can use email marketing to help promote a variety of content, and your emails will reach people everywhere, whether they be at work or at home. Email marketing really does remain the king of content marketing strategies.

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