Simple Tips on Growing your Email Subscriber List

by Victor Green
3 mins read

The amount of subscribers you have can go quite a long way in affecting your business operations, and of course, your sales. Having a dozen readers is definitely a good start, but let’s face it, we’re all trying to work our way to having a subscriber list that exceeds the population of a small country. Something like that is certainly not impossible — many businesses have gotten there. It may take you a while, but if you properly implement some of the guidelines below, you will be well on your way to having your own virtual nation of people waiting to read your emails.

Make them Want More (and Give it to Them)

If your content is genuinely attractive to your potential buyers, they will naturally want more of it. Be sure to use this to your advantage in netting potential subscribers. According to Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers: “Offer bonus information at the end of popular blog posts with email sign-up: for instance, if you have a blog post of the Top 10 Ways to Find New Clients, offer an additional 10 tips with email sign-up.”

Draw Customers in with a Free Gift

Have you ever said no to a free gift? We certainly haven’t. Everyone loves free stuff, including your customers. Produce some content that you’re willing to give away at no charge to attract potential clients to your business. After some time, you’ll see your revenue stream spiking, all thanks to your cost-free gift. “This may be arguably the most used and effective way at building an email list. The kind of freebie you create depends totally on your target audience and what your site is about,” writes Gabrielle Pfeiffer of Huffington Post. “If you run a healthy living blog, offering a weekly meal plan or workout guide would be one way to get your readers to hand over their emails. People love getting quality printables, guides, and cheat sheets for free, so just decide what your audience would benefit from.”

Offer your Subscribers a Good Deal on Products or Services

Perhaps the one thing we like more than a free surprise is a discount on something that we really want. “This is a great way to get people to join a list, because everyone is looking for a good deal,” writes Pfeiffer. “This helps them get in your inbox with all of their new products and sales, and if you ask me, it’s genius. I can’t tell you how many stores send me emails that sooner or later entices me to order something from their website.”

Send out a Periodical Newsletter

Consider a weekly or bi-monthly newsletter as a welcome addition to your business practices. Not only can this help you acquire new subscribers, but it will go a long way in forming a personal connection to the buyers you already have. “There are many bloggers that I have followed for years, and I love getting their emails because I know I will be inspired and informed every time they show up in my inbox,” Pfeiffer writes. “I look forward to their monthly income reports, their success stories, and their advice, because I value what they have to say. Find out what your audience wants, and deliver. If you have something that will help them, don’t hold back.” Be honest, thorough, and original in your newsletter, and watch as your recognition spreads. Growing your subscriber list is like growing a garden. It takes patience, hard work, and some personal involvement. With a bit of time and a good amount of effort, you can have your very own virtual nation at your fingertips!

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