Increasing your Email Budget is Worth the Cost

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Despite the progressions made on the mobile smart devices and social media marketing fronts, email continues to be a thriving medium replete with the potential for growth. Most operating businesses today can reap the rewards of a strategic, calculated email marketing campaign, especially if they’re working under the right kind of budget.

You can Monitor your Results as you Go

Since you’re able to keep track of your click-through totals, delivery rates, and open rates, the affect of your email marketing campaign on your business is something that can be constantly checked. This is why an increase in email budget is a low-risk, high-reward move. “If things go bad, you can always reduce your budget back to where it was or eliminate the campaign entirely,” Jayson DeMers from Forbes writes. “As long as you know your conversion rates, from there, you’ll be able to objectively determine whether your email marketing budget is enabling a profitable return. If not, you can make a change, but if it is, you can throw more fuel on the fire with an even greater budget.”

Email Marketing is Soaring

If you find yourself questioning whether an increase in your email budget is the right move for your business, you need only look at the always-reliable, ever-truthful statistics. According to a study concluded at the end of 2014, 73 percent of marketers claimed that email marketing was a central component to their overall business. If that still doesn’t convince you, consider how 59 percent of marketers planned to up their email budgets in the future. Although a good business leader should keep a firm grip on their own vision and not be overly influenced by the crowd, it always helps to know what our experienced contemporaries are up to. In this case, they’re seeing positive results from email marketing, and that’s definitely something to be taken into consideration.

Your Emails Benefit your Business as a Whole

As we all know, your email marketing campaign extends far beyond your inbox, or your customers’. Your emails are the bond that tie all of your business endeavors together. According to DeMers: “Through an email marketing initiative, you can draw people to your blog by offering snippets of content, or you can drive up your following numbers by inviting people to share deals on social media. You can also use your other marketing channels to invite people to sign up for your email blasts, resulting in a closed, cohesive system that nurtures your overall customer base as one unit.” Think of your business as a self-contained ecosystem, and your emails as the water flowing through it, providing sustenance to all areas in need. If executed optimally, your email marketing campaign will direct people to your store, website, and social media pages. It will increase your customer involvement, brand loyalty, and of course, sales. Want to increase your sales? Then give your emailing budget some more love!

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