Nurturing your Email Audience

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Because there are a myriad a techniques available to convert leads, figuring out which one to invest your time and finances on for the maximum ROI can be challenging. However, nurturing your email audience in a well-planned manner still remains the best way to build your database and develop conversions. The questions remains, though, how can we do this? Tactics for actually nurturing your email audience are an exciting way to reach your targets through effective email marketing campaigns. Let’s look at how to accomplish this goal.

Nature by Definition

One of the best ways to begin nurturing your email audience is by developing a targeted email marketing campaign that defines your goals and how far you want to them to reach. For example, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to develop more clients that are local?
  • Do your interests lie more in selling products to a particular audience?
  • Are you attempting to offer certain services to a niche group?

Nurture Through Keeping It Personal

While autoresponders will help you nurture leads, they take the personal touch out of email marketing campaigns. “Many businesses rely on automated email campaigns for every stage of the sales funnel,” states James Scherer in an article in Business2Community, “After all, it’s impossible to manually email each and every one of your prospective or trialling users.” When emails are personalized, you’ll see a higher open and unique click rate. Many proven email marketing templates exist to sell, nurture, onboard, and reach out to audiences. Not only do these email templates improve conversion rates, but they also improve replies. Therefore, it’s essential you choose them prudently.

Nurture Through Value

When you include valuable content in your emails, your audience will feel like they’re being introduced to informational pieces without receiving a promotional offer. Seven types of email exist where you can incorporate them successfully into your campaign, thus further nurturing your audience:Articles: choose the articles from your blog that have the highest traffic and repurpose them into your email marketing campaigns. They’re the most read for a reason—people are excited about their content, and they’re worth sharing again.Audio and Video Content: When your content is auditory, your audience could be more receptive. This reality applies in particular for those who enjoy listening to podcasts or watching YouTube.Case Study: This information potentially shows your audience your expertise, as well as your capabilities in your services or product knowledge. Thus, building trust and credibility.FAQ Email: When you send out these messages, you can provide answers to the most common questions you receive regarding your products or services. The best source of support for this email is your customer service team.Parable: Audiences love storytelling! Therefore, use them to your advantage for selling goods and services without coming off as a pushy salesperson.Proven Content: You can potentially build your list by sourcing viral videos and favorite links relating to your audience that your leads may re-share.Quick Tip: Use this opportunity to find just ONE tip and create a short and sweet email regarding why this quick tip works and how your audience should get started. Once your audience takes action, it will lead them to open future emails to see what to do next.By identifying these goals and creating lists, you’ll be able to send out better content-specific emails in the future. The creation of these lists will also help you with further developing your email marketing campaigns.

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