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Nurturing your Email Audience

Because there are a myriad a techniques available to convert leads, figuring out which one to invest your time and finances on for the maximum ROI can be challenging. However, nurturing your email audience in a well-planned manner still remains the best way to build your database and develop conversions. …

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4 Disastrous Email Marketing Mistakes

It isn’t easy being an email marketer, what with all of the new anti-spam rules in place for what can and can’t be sent, plus having to deal with open rates, click-through rates and people’s general lack of patience for reading through an email. It is easy to make mistakes …

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6 Secrets of the Perfect Marketing Email

Email marketing can be a tough type of marketing to get right. Crafting the perfect email takes a little bit of skill and here are six secrets from the industry that should help. Actionable language The first point of entry in a marketing email is the subject line. It needs …

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5 Tips for SMS Marketing Success

Mobile marketing is frequently an afterthought in company’s business strategies, even though a recent report found that 2/3rds of customers will use a mobile device when shopping online. In order to reap success in your SMS marketing, you need to make it an integral part of your marketing strategy. Studies …

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Email Marketing Trends for January 2013

It is always interesting to get a pulse on what people are talking about. Twitter has their trending topic (or you can check out Trendsmap), Google has Google Hot Trends, Yahoo has their Top Trends…. but what about the world of email marketing? What is trendy enough to warrant  the …

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