Learn From SMS Marketing Case Studies

by Victor Green
3 mins read

There are many benefits to including SMS messages in your overall marketing strategy. But if you wonder if SMS is a good fit for your company, read these SMS Marketing Case Studies to learn more.Route 66 Harley-Davidson in Tulsa, Oklahoma, conducted a ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign in 2013. Customers were encouraged to text the keyword RT66 to a number that would get them signed up for promotional deals on each of the 12 days. The results of the campaign showed a 250% increase of t-shirt sales on T-Shirt Day (compared to a normal day) and on Helmet Day sales of helmets with the 20% discount equalled the entire total from the previous week. Overall, store traffic increased during the promotion.Kentucky Sports Television conducted a three-week campaign called KSTV-The Ultimate Tailgating Experience in 2011. The goal of the campaign was to gauge viewer interest in interacting with the station. To enter the sweepstakes for the ‘Ultimate Tailgating Experience’ package, all viewers had to do was text in the phrase KSTV. Thousands of viewers responded and more than 50% of respondents opted in to receive future messages from the station.Belterra Casino Resort asked customers to text BELTERRA during a month-long promotion. By doing so, the resort would build its database and enter customers in a sweepstakes to win one-night at the resort and $100 gift card. Customers were targeted in three locations, and thousands of responses were received from each location. More than 50% of respondents double-opted in to receive future messages from the resort.In these three instances, which represent a wide variety of companies and audiences, SMS marketing proved to be wildly effective and obtained successful results. SMS marketing has the ability to reach customers in all markets, and companies as different as Harley-Davidson, sports TV, and a casino resort are able to promote their brand and connect with customers. These case studies show how likely customers are to interact with companies through SMS messaging.

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