Getting Creative with Email Newsletters to Make an Impact and Spread Holiday Cheer

One size does not fit all!  This is why, at Elite Email, we have hundreds of templates available for you to prepare your email newsletters or flyers.  Sure, there’s a certain convenience in using the same email format for all your email marketing needs.  But if this is what you’ve been doing for a while now, you’re probably sick of looking at the same colors, the same font and the same kinds of photos in the same places.  So it’s quite likely that your customers are tired of them too.

Letting Customers Know that You Have New Products

Sure, loyal customers do like to receive news about your specials and sales, especially when the holiday season comes around.  However, if they keep seeing the same type of email coming from your company, they might assume that you don’t have any new products either.

You may be getting in new products all the time.  You’re probably at the cutting edge of your industry.  But if you don’t let people know about it, they’re not going to flock to you and buy what you’re selling.

Getting Creative

In order to really make an impact, let your creativity run riot.  Use orange and black at Halloween and green and red at Christmas.  Vary your print type.  Use different types of images.  Just keep mixing everything up until you feel satisfied with the result.

These days, it’s very trendy to mix and match colors and images that aren’t generally used together.  You could color-block your newsletter with purple, yellow and brown, for example.  Or three other colors that don’t generally go together.  Or mix up illustrations and photos in the same newsletter.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

A winter wonderland newsletter for the holidays always looks lovely and hearts, cupcakes and roses are just right for Valentine’s Day.  The important thing is to let your customers know that you’re thinking about them and you want to spread some holiday cheer.  Even if each customer doesn’t show up to buy what you’re selling,  you’ll at least know that you’ve brought a smile to someone’s face.

So whether you want to create a flyer for an upcoming holiday or just spruce up the look of the newsletter that you send out to all your clients, we have a template that’s right for you.  Infuse some creativity into your workplace and let your customers know that you care.  Contact us for an email template to suit every occasion.


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