Maximize B2B Sales With These 5 Killer Strategies for Email Marketing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Once a company has reached a certain size, they will have likely reached a point where there is a need for some type of CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system to be in place. The data stored within this system provides huge opportunity for a company’s success by taking advantage of the super-connected and constantly evolving digital environment in order to retain customers. Maintaining an active conversation with clients is vital for in order to hold their attention and commitment to your company.“An all-in-one sales and marketing platform that integrates CRM with email marketing can transform your data into personalized, relevant messaging that will enhance your ability to generate more leads, strengthen customer relationships and increase sales,” says Larry Myler, contributor at Forbes.Here are 5 killer strategies that can help make the most out client relations by integrating email marketing with a CRM system.

Create Personalized Messages

People want to feel like they are being directly addressed. Most readers generally overlook generic emails and cookie-cutter formats, which can quickly end up in the spam box. However, personalized messages are much more likely to drive response and action.Accroding to a DMA report, “Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. More than a third (36%) of revenues were driven by emails sent to specific target selections. Revenue from segmented email that covers the whole database has levelled at 22%.”

Cultivate Quality Leads

Email marketing is an effective tool for cultivating quality leads by upholding positive client relations. An email campaign that is not targeted to an interested audience is not likely to be read by many people on that list.However, according to Myler, “Integrating with CRM gives you insight into who is a cold lead and who is a hot prospect. You can drip compelling content to these contacts over time to turn a stagnant database into a sales generator.”According to another DMA report,“66 percent of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message.”

Activate Your CRM Database

Contacts in a CRM system will not be active participants in your business. They will be uninformed about new offers and will not be engaged by your brand in any way.“By integrating your tools, you can prompt your contacts to take action with an email message, and learn more about them as they respond to your messages and head back to your website,” says Myler, which can help collect data on client activity. “With fresh new data, you can follow-up in a meaningful way, driving sales.”

Sales and Marketing Belong Together

Most research carried out by potential clients is done online, and it is also the most likely place for someone to be inspired to make a purchase.“This means that contacts have quite a bit of interaction with the marketing side before they reach your sales team,” says Myler. “If your CRM and email marketing tools are separate, it can be difficult for sales to see what emails a contact has received or engaged with.”

Don’t Lose the Personal Touch With Scale

Personalized email marketing can do a lot for creating healthy B2B client relations, but as scale increases, it can be easy for a company to lose the personal touch that fosters the best connection.“Integrating your CRM with email marketing means you can send timely emails, check in and follow up with all of your accounts, making sure that none of your customer relationships are left unattended,” writes Myler. This provides huge opportunity for maintaining a touch that is significant to a company’s customers.

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