Email Coupons: Capturing the Perfect Design and Timing to Entice Consumers

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Email coupons are an extremely useful marketing tool in a time when most consumers still want to find a good deal while using digital technology. What makes email coupons especially effective is that you can cater to those still using desktops along with focus on those using mobile. While delivering mobile coupons is increasing, you want to reach as many people as possible.Email coupons can also be utilized to be redeemed in a physical store rather than online. That can help entice more people to visit your brick and mortar side to leverage the trend of everyone shopping online. However, it’s up to you how you use your email coupons. The important thing is to make smart decisions on how the coupon works and what it looks like.

The Visual Appeal of Your Email Coupon

Your email coupon design is going to make a significant difference in how a consumer responds. At one time, you’d have to hire a graphic designer or attempt to cobble a design together on your own through Photoshop. Considering both are time-consuming and expensive, you can create a professional custom design simply and easily from right within our system.We offer hundreds of different design templates to help create an email coupon that’s visually compelling for your entire customer base. All of our designs have custom headers, graphics and text that bring real visual flair to capture the essence of your brand.

The Ability to Capture Consumers Instantaneously

In the age of the email coupon, you can use your prior email marketing list to capture the most loyal customers in an instant. With showing already a year ago that 82% check their email on a smartphone while out and about, marketing to those people now will benefit you long term. The reason is because your email coupon doesn’t have to be printed out to be redeemed right away in your store. During the holiday season, this procedure becomes even more invaluable when capturing those out doing errands or shopping.

Analytic Tools Can Help Scope Out Who’s Responding

We also offer convenient analytic tools so you can analyze just how well your email coupon campaign is going. In fact, you’ll have up to 80 different analysis methods that give you a perspective from every possible angle. With geographic analysis, you can also see exactly where people live who responded the most favorably.You’ll likely be surprised when you see the analysis results after your own hunches thought otherwise. Using analysis data, you can tweak your email coupons for upcoming promotions, plus changing things to target specific people in certain locations.Email coupons have simply turned into the most advantageous marketing tool out there in providing what consumers want. We can make this marketing process easier for you than it ever has been before. With 10 years of experience, we’ve become comprehensive experts on the evolution of email and mobile marketing to help you gain more customers than you ever thought possible.

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