5 Ways E-Commerce Brands Can Get Started with NFT Marketing

by Robert Burko
3 mins read
A netfx NFT showcased in a 3D illustration on a yellow background for marketing purposes.

As an eCommerce business, your digital marketing strategies can make or break your success. Increasingly, brands are turning to innovative ways to market their eCommerce business online, and one of them is NFT marketing. An NFT is a ‘non-fungible token.’ That means that it’s a unique digital object. It cannot be duplicated and it can represent numerous items of value, including cryptocurrencies, collectibles, and even gaming items. These digital assets can be confusing to some brands and customers, but by understanding how you can leverage them, you can use them to enhance your marketing campaign and, ultimately, enhance the success of your business. 

NFTs Explained

An NFT is a unique digital asset. Essentially, anything you own in the digital sphere could be regarded as an NFT. If you have children who play video games, they’re probably the owners of many NFTs like player skins or avatars. If you’ve purchased digital artwork, you own an NFT. NFTs rely on the same technology as cryptocurrencies. If you’re thinking about using NFTs, you’ll want to carefully research the technology and authenticity platforms when setting up your campaign. 

3D illustration of NFT Marketing

Launching an NFT marketing campaign

If your eCommerce company is serious about marketing with NFTs, it can leverage them in a number of different ways and we’ll explore them here. It’s true that NFT marketing is still a relatively new concept, but by getting in on this trend now, you can use it to out edge your competitors and demonstrate your company’s progressive and innovative style. If you’re thinking of launching an NFT marketing campaign, here are five ways you can get started with NFT marketing:

1. Build Brand Awareness

As an eCommerce business, your digital presence is vital to your success. Some businesses are turning to NFTs to help them build brand awareness online. Your business could create a few high-value NFTs to raffle off for customers. The contest creates a marketing buzz for the business that could translate to lasting online awareness. In fact, if your NFT marketing campaign proves successful, it may be worth repeating every year. 

Brand Awareness through Social Marketing Concept.

As an eCommerce company, it’s crucial for your business to attract new customers and retain old ones. A popular marketing campaign that relies on NFTs could make a significant splash on the channels where you market your business. 

2. Transform NFTs into Physical Rewards

Another way your eCommerce company can perform NFT marketing is to create tokens that can be traded in or used for physical products. For instance, your customers can earn virtual currency by shopping during special events or purchasing certain items. Then, their earned NFTs can be paired with an actual physical product or tangible dollars they can use to pay for their orders. 

3. NFT Special Offers and Discounts

Many eCommerce companies have found NFT marketing success by offering their customers digital coupons. They can take their coupon campaigns to an exciting new level by pairing NFTs with discounts and savings. For instance, a customer might buy a product that comes with an NFT that gives them a discount for their next five orders. A recurring discount makes that NFT far more valuable than an ordinary coupon or regular incentive. It’s the type of gift that customers are sure to get excited about. 

4. Access to Events or New Product Launches

Some businesses are creating NFTs to act as gatekeepers for event access or limited product offerings. Customers who hold these NFTs might have special access to digital events, workshops, or seminars. If your business features limited product offerings, it can open them up first to its NFT holders. By attaching something of value to the NFT, the company can drive customer excitement. Customers who are excited tend to remain customers, which means that NFTs can be used to build brand loyalty too. 

5. NFTs and Charitable Giving

Many eCommerce companies feature programs for giving to various charities. If your company features a giving campaign, it can use NFTs to build excitement for its campaign. For instance, you can offer a special NFT artwork with all proceeds going to your company’s charity of choice. You might consider incorporating this type of NFT marketing campaign into your seasonal marketing plan. Your NFT campaign helps you create excitement for your brand and what it’s doing while supporting a charitable cause that’s important to you and your customers. 

Charitable Giving cartoon vector illustration

Incorporating NFTs into Your Marketing Plan

NFTs are trending now, which makes now a great time to capitalize on their popularity. Can they be a marketing game-changer for your eCommerce company? That depends on how you choose to feature them in your campaign and how well you execute your marketing strategy. It’s still early in NFT marketing days, so many companies are just now getting their feet wet with this innovative marketing concept. 

Your business may find a way to market with NFTs that isn’t outlined here or isn’t currently something other eCommerce companies are doing. Take some time to explore the marketing potential of NFTs as they could help you expand your customer base or simply to sell more products. 

Find Support for Your NFT Marketing Campaign

If you operate an eCommerce company, you can benefit by partnering with an experienced digital marketing firm that can help you leverage NFTs to meet your marketing goals. Elite Digital offers a full lineup of professional marketing services, including SEO, web development, social media, and more. Plus, we feature solutions that are specifically focused on eCommerce companies. We can help your business improve its digital presence to drive more traffic and sell more of its products. 

If you need marketing support to grow your business or want help developing your NFT marketing campaign, consult with Elite Digital to learn more about our customizable solutions. Share your marketing goals with us and we’ll help you realize them through services that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

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