SEO And The Rise Of Voice Search Strategy

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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The world of digital marketing is extremely competitive. As such, it’s critical for each business to have a unique digital strategy that will make themselves stand out above the competition. One unique way is through voice search.With voice technology, the futuristic possibilities are endless. Voice search is a tactic that is currently in high-demand among consumers who are intrigued by the latest devices in home voice assistance, such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. And as a result, some businesses are quickly realizing that they need to develop strategies that incorporate voice search in order to reach and even surpass their digital marketing and search engine marketing goals.History of Voice SearchVoice technology’s inception started in the 1950s. More recently, Google Labs started Google Voice Search primarily as a tool allowing a user to make a Google query with their phone. The user will call the system’s phone number of Google Voice Search and wait for the “say your search keywords” announcement. Then, the user will say the keywords. Since then, other Google products, such as Google Mobile App and Google Maps, have developed speech recognition technology in different ways to use. And in October 2012, a Google Search app for iOS was released by Google. This app had an enhanced function of Google Voice Search like the Voice Search in the Android Jelly Bean from Google. Also, in the last few years, voice technology has tremendously progressed with the latest, in-demand devices, including Google Home and Amazon Echo. Now, marketing agencies are examining the power of Voice Search for their digital marketing efforts.The Reasons Why Voice Search Strategy is NeededAs of now, there aren’t that many businesses that realize the importance of voice technology as it pertains to digital and search engine marketing. However, as the competitive landscape of digital marketing intensifies and calls for cutting-edge tactics, businesses should learn how to take advantage of this tool, especially before others discover its potential and the playing field levels out again. Taking advantage of this tool early on will give your business a profound edge over your competitors when it comes to SEO optimization, SMO optimization, and other marketing strategies.Here are some of the benefits of adopting voice search is needed for brands, and they are as follows:Popularity and Perception of Cutting-Edge Technology Over time, the popularity of voice search will only get bigger. As voice search gets bigger in popularity, SEO optimization will have to change. Having a Voice Search Marketing Strategy out of the gate before it is normalized will help position your brand as ahead of the curve.Changing the Practices of SEO Voice search has started to and will continue to change the practices of SEO. Users interact differently with search queries done vocally compared to textually. One reason is that queries using the voice tend to be a little longer than text queries. More keyword phrases of at least three words may be used with voice queries. Secondly, search engine optimization will be impacted by the increased importance of local SEO. Many mobile users of voice query search for local businesses. Also, users of voice searches will only see the top answer or result instead of a full search engine result page which is a lot more convenient for them.Driving Increased TrafficVoice search can drive increased traffic- with all these more appealing benefits to voice search users, businesses using this tool will gain more web traffic especially as this tool becomes more popular and more efficient than traditional textual search methods.Mitigating Competition Without the voice search technology, customers may find your competitors easier. In addition to using voice search to ensure your customers can find you, it’s necessary to prevent prospects from finding your competition. Be aware that if your competitors have a voice tool and you don’t, more customers would have a good chance of finding your competitors more often than finding you, especially if the tool becomes more efficient, and thus more widely used than traditional textual searches.  Also, with voice assistants, it’s possible that potential customers using voice technology will be sent directly to your competitors instead of you.Improving the Customer Experience The customer experience can improve with voice search strategy. Utilizing Voice Search properly can assist in fostering relationships with customers and building brand loyalty; when you create an optimized and unique experience for your customers, they are more likely to look to you for the products and services that they require. With Google Assistant and Alexa having the capability to distinguish voices, they can determine valuable insights about the users which can lead to more personalization of content and messages for them. The customer experience will be greatly improved. Customers will be able to find what they want and need quicker and more conveniently whenever they visit your business again; this will assist in establishing a stronger bond of trust and loyalty between your business and the consumer. Not to mention, they will spread the word to others of the reliability, convenience, and professionalism of your business, and the convenience of Voice Search technology. Voice search interactions are generally easier and more efficient than text-based interactions. For busy customers, voice technology has the potential to make life much more convenient for them.Voice search is a cutting-edge digital marketing tactic that businesses need to take advantage of immediately for their digital strategy. By doing so, you will not only be able to get a leg up on your competition but also be able to provide your audience with a simplified and more convenient search process, making the marketing process that much more comfortable.The fewer hoops your audience needs to jump through to get to your product, the better.Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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Zachary Moore August 20, 2018 - 6:12 pm

Interesting article. Voice search is definitely gaining popularity. I don’t think it’s a made a huge impact on blogging strategy yet though, especially in certain industries.

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