3 Strategies To Keep Your Email Marketing Relevant

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Email marketing has been declared alive and dead so many times that it is hard to say where the debate has ended. In reality, the debate will probably continue for as long as we continue to use emails as a form of communication. The very fact that this debate exists though demonstrates that some people find success with their campaigns and other people don’t. The difference between the two is that successful email marketers know how to stay relevant to their subscriber list.Staying relevant to your readers means that you need to learn to adapt your email marketing as tastes and trends evolve. This means that if you are still sending out batch-and-blast email campaigns, then you probably think that email marketing is dead. However, those that find success in email marketing are the ones who are learning how to distinguish themselves from the rest.“This means that if you want to stand out, you’re going to need more than a well-crafted message. First, you’ll need to find the widest reach possible with a well-built database,” recommends Cassidy Milder contributor to Bussiness2Community. “Second, you’ll need to get to get to know your database—and everything that makes this particular audience tick. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take advantage of engagement!”Learning the ins and outs of these three recommendations will help you become a master of email marketing and drive your metrics through the roof.

Reach A Wider Audience

It is important to reach as many people as possible within your audience in order to improve your conversion rates.“A lot of percentages go into email communication: the percentage of opens, click-throughs, and—most importantly—what percent converts. Naturally, those numbers get smaller and smaller as you get closer to achieving ROI, so you need to make sure you’re sending to a large enough database that by the time you get to final conversion, you’re still seeing the results you want. And that means growing your email list to get those coveted percentages,” Milder explains.There are many ways to grow your subscriber list, but you should always try to opt-in people who interested in your content. This will make it easier to stay relevant to your audience and promote better conversion rates.

Evaluate and Adapt

If you really want to appeal to your audience, then you need to learn how to adapt your strategies on a consistent basis.“We tend to hear about the one or two stories where marketers were able to capture lightning in a bottle, but most marketing campaigns rely on careful testing and thoughtful adjustments. There’s even ample evidence that data science and progressive profiling will heavily play into email campaigns over the next few years, especially as home automation devices like Echo and Google Home start to capture more and more behavioral data.”Marketers should use all of the data available to them and evaluate it with a critical eye. This will help them determine what resonates with their audience and what needs to change.

Target the Most Engaged Audience Members

Every person in your subscriber list will respond differently to your content. Some will be disinterested and others will go wild for everything that you have to say.“In order for your emails to accrue value, you must be able to identify and empathize with the needs of your email VIPs. Who’s opening your messages, downloading your content, or even contacting you directly?” Milder says.By targeting the people who are in love with what you do, you will be able to increase the amount of prospects that actually convert.

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