Does Promotional Email Marketing Work?

by Victor Green
3 mins read

There is a fine line between promotional email marketing and obnoxious inbox filler content. People do like to hear about deals and specials from companies that they trust, but they don’t want to be beaten over the head with it.When it comes to email marketing, this means that marketers need to use their promotional material wisely. Simply sending out hundreds of emails every day promoting the same thing does not guarantee better sales numbers. In fact, it may actually turn away more prospects than it draws in.So what’s the right amount of promotion?Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula for this. It requires evaluation and tact in order to be successful with promotional email marketing. However, it also requires a solid understanding of what your audience wants and how you can present it to them at the right time.

The Basics of Promotional Email Marketing

“Promotional email marketing is sending a message that’s focused on driving a purchase or conversion. These emails are either triggered or sent manually, but the hallmark is a clear call-to-action in order to convince viewers to take the desired action,” explains Brandon Gains from Business2Community. “These messages are part of a campaign aimed at generating revenue and helping customers move forward with your brand.”Excellent promotional emails inspire their readers to take action immediately. The content needs to be straight to the point and extremely appealing. It needs to clearly state what is of value for the reader and why they should take advantage of the offer while it lasts. It’s about giving your audience something that they want exactly when they want it by proposing something that is enticing and special at that moment.However, too much of a good thing is bad. This means that the more you send out promotional offers, the less special they become. If you are constantly bombarded your audience with deals, then they may not feel any urgency to act. They will probably just think that they can wait until your next promotion. If you are sending out promotions every day, they may never take any action at all.

What Makes Promotional Email Marketing Effective?

The basic fact is that promotional email marketing is effective if it does correctly. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is an effective method to engage audiences:Affordability – Sending promotional email marketing is a relatively cheap form of advertising and its effectiveness can’t be denied. This form of digital marketing boasts the highest returns on investment in the industry.Targeted Engagement – Lifecycle email marketing is designed to engage audiences at very specific times. This means that the content of the email can be designed to be more impactful and relevant to a prospect.Trackable Results – It is very easy to track the results of email marketing, which means that strategies can be evaluated and adapted depending on how it performs. This is essential for developing a technique that delivers every time.Reaches Large Audiences – Nearly every prospect who is interested in your product or service has an email. This means that your promotional marketing is able to reach a huge audience base.Dynamic Content – Email is capable of sharing text, images, and videos very easily. This enables marketers to create dynamic content that is engaging and appealing to their audiences.

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