How to Increase Brand Awareness: The Ultimate Guide

by Burke Dorman
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Brand awareness

Are you doing what it takes to get your brand in front of tons of potential customers? Without making others aware of your company, it makes it difficult for potential customers to even find you. A key way to grow your audience, retain customers, and boost profits is to build brand awareness. 

Are you wondering how to increase brand awareness? Keep reading this guide for all the tips and tricks your company should be using to boost your brand. 

Analyze Your Audience 

Knowing your customers is key to being able to successfully reach them. Figure out who your company serves as well as what shared qualities this group possesses to form a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a fictionalized, broad explanation of your typical customer. It’s a great tool to establish in a branding kit, or before establishing a marketing plan. This persona will act as a short biography that explains your ideal customer. 

When forming your buyer persona, there are certain details you will want to include such as the person’s struggles, goals, habits, and demographics. These details will help you make a plan that will help you market to this person.

Knowing your customer more intimately will help make every marketing idea you come up with targeted towards this persona. Overall, thinking like your customer will help you appeal to them. 

Target audience buyer persona

Develop Your Brand’s Voice 

Once you’ve narrowed down who your customer is, you can develop a voice for your brand that will speak to them appropriately. Your brand’s voice defies how you sound to your audience. It’s what makes you unique, memorable, and recognizable. 

Keeping this voice consistent across your brand is a must to build brand awareness. Make sure your voice is consistent across your social platforms as well as your promotional content. Make sure your voice is natural and relatable to allow for brand loyalty and transparency. A great example of a brand with a strong and consistent tone of voice is Starbucks.

Starbucks Twitter post showing brand consistency
Starbucks Instagram post showing brand consistency
Starbucks Culture and Values brand voice consistency

Be Social on Social Media

Building consistent social media platforms can be a great way to reach your audience on a regular basis. Do some research to figure out what social media platforms your customers are using by conducting surveys, and focus on these platforms.

Make your profiles professional while still allowing for relatability and engagement. Make sure that you participate in conversations others are having about your brand or your industry on social media to create some awareness. 

Engagement is also important when it comes to customer service. Great customer service is a key way to retain customers. Make sure that your brand is gaining positive awareness through how well you treat your customers. 

Showing that your willing to answer questions, resolve complaints, and provide knowledge about your products or services shows that you put your customers first.

Tropicana customer service on Instagram post

Build a Blog

Creating a blog for your brand is a great way to pump out creative, engaging, and educational content that your site visitors can enjoy. Creating blogs consistently can help turn readers into customers. This is also a great way to show off a bit, sharing your skills and knowledge, building awareness as well as authority and brand loyalty.

Diversify your blogging content to keep readers engaged while always having something new to say. Some content ideas are starting a thematic blog series, posting company news, introducing new products or services, and giving industry tips. Keeping your blog updated can also help boost your search engine rankings. 

If you don’t already have a blog for your brand, start one today. A great way to kick off your blog is to tell your brand’s story. Storytelling is a great way to give your customers some background information about your brand while letting them relate to your mission. 

By opening up and connecting with the audience, you can build brand awareness with ease. After hearing your story, and the “why” behind your company and mission, audience members are much more likely to remember you with positive associations. Try focusing on experiences that your audience may be able to relate to. 

Headspace blog content

Get Creative With Content 

Not all the content you use to connect with your audience needs to be written. Alternatively, creating a variety of content offers you a better chance of reaching different kinds of people on different platforms. This can also help diversify the content on your social media platforms and website. 

For example, not everyone reads blogs, some prefer to watch informational videos instead. Consider creating a variety of content types, from videos and iconographics to podcast episodes. 

Infographics are a great content idea because they are highly sharable and engaging. To form your own, use research or data you’ve collected to tell a story.

Often, this content serves to help the viewer understand the subject and apply it to their own lives. Offering data in this visual format is much more interesting for viewers than reposting a lengthy study or finding. A good example of this form of marketing is the ‘Well-Balanced Blog’ infographic by LinkedIn shown below.

Podcasts are a great way to create brand awareness by growing a following. Your podcast should have a theme or focus that your buyer persona would find interesting. This is a great way to reach busy customers who might listen to a podcast while doing something else. 

Well-Balanced Blog infographic by LinkedIn

How to Increase Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is a key way to grow your company by growing your audience members. Keep these tips on how to increase brand awareness to retain your customers, reach new ones, and boost your profits. Connecting with your audience via effective branding and content creation can take your company to the next level this year. 

Are you looking for more advice on reaching your customers via digital platforms? Head to the “social media” section of our site. 

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