Getting Started with Email Marketing [Infographic]

“It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for email marketers”

That first step when integrating email marketing into your marketing toolbox can be a bit scary. Even though Elite Email makes it really easy to manage your mailing, create emails and track reports, just like anything new, it can be a challenge to get started.

Often times the biggest question is simply how do I get started and what do I do now?

Our customers know they want to send out amazing looking email newsletters, but what is the first step to get things going on the right foot while following best practices.

To help answer that question in a fun and visual way, we had our expert design team create a brand new infographic.

This graphic, which can be found in our Learning Center, is an overall road map for how to get things rolling.

It also includes some of the best ways to start building a permission-based opt-in list, which is one of the main questions people have when they start their email marketing efforts.

About Robert Burko

Robert Burko is CEO and Founder of Elite Digital, a leading digital marketing agency. As one of Canada's chief digital marketing specialists, Burko has appeared on national television, radio, podcasts, and in countless print publications and blogs across North America. Burko is also a professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Seneca College in Toronto. Recognized as a thought leader in his industry, Robert is often invited to speak as an expert in his field at high-profile events across North America.

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