Email Marketing Trends For 2014: The Year Of Less Is More

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Many businesses rely on email marketing as a way to communicate with their customers. For them, it’s a matter of sending an effective message that they can be sure will be received, as well as saving money on other marketing methods, such as direct mail.As we move into the new year, it’s important to take a look at the email marketing trends we can expect to see during 2014, so that businesses can get a jump on what their customers want to see in their inboxes. According to writer, Jayson DeMers, “With many consumers feeling burned out by a constant barrage of information and advertisements that scream ‘look at me’, some of the most innovative marketers are going the opposite direction. They’re now making efforts to tone-down their campaign messages and not overwhelm consumers with hype.” In other words, email marketing is making a shift, and it seems that it’s toward a “Less Is More” strategy.


It’s no secret that online videos have grown in popularity, even over the past few months. YouTube is still growing as a search engine, and more and more videos are being shared on social media every day. Videos, when they’re done right, can add a lot to your email content. Many email programs don’t support videos (yet), but you can add a link to a video that’s posted on YouTube or on your website. Videos help you get your message across much more quickly, while delivering the content you want in a way that customers can engage with. As you are able to track and see who’s clicking on your links, you’ll be able to see exactly who viewed your video and segment your list for a more focused future broadcast. Sending targeted emails to contacts you know are actively engaging in your emails is going to lead to a better ROI. It’s a great tool to help you plan your future marketing strategies. Whether you choose to create entertaining videos, or you go for informative pieces, your customers will appreciate them, and will probably go looking for more.


Along the same lines as videos, images have also taken over social media sites as being a valuable form of advertising. Social media sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed have grown in popularity tremendously this year, and it’s all due to their focus on quick images to grab people’s attention. The images you include in your emails can be anything from pictures of your products, to humorous cartoons that will make your customers laugh. The important thing is to use them as much as possible.

Mobile Technology

Most likely, your marketing emails will contain links to your website. That way your customers can go there to place an order or to get more information about your products or services. Mobile technology is increasing in importance, and according to a recent article on the Business Insider website, the number of people who own a smartphone is about to pass the number of people who have a PC. Make sure your website is up to date regarding mobile responsive web design to ensure that you don’t lose any customers who might get frustrated after viewing it on a mobile device.By including videos and images within your emails, and by making sure your website is responsive to mobile technology, you can be well on your way to a very successful email marketing campaign this year. You may even find that your innovative thinking regarding the coming trends puts you well ahead of your competition, resulting in more profits for your business, and a growing customer base.

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