Email Marketing: Make the Most of the Seasons

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Sure, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. It’s also one of the easiest to implement and is packed with a ton of different interaction and customization options to help better catch your readers’ attention. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require any work at all, however, and it’s a mistake to approach email marketing strategy as if it’s a “one-size fits all” kind of technique. Not only are there things you can be doing to help boost interaction among your customers depending upon user data you collect – there’s also plenty you could be doing that are dependent to specific times of the year. If you’re not taking advantage of the seasons, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to increase lead generation and lead conversion!

Why seasonal marketing?

Seasonal marketing – marketing that revolves around specific seasons and the ways in which potential customers are likely to engage with them – is an often underutilized method when it comes to email marketing strategy. Marketing around seasons is useful for many businesses, however it is particularly useful in certain situations. Hotels that thrive with the heavy tourism that comes along with the summer season, for example, will benefit greatly from a summer marketing campaign. The same goes for clothing manufacturers or restaurants that specialize in fresh seafood.In the aforementioned instances, seasonal marketing is almost a requirement in order to help turn a decent summer into an incredible one for individuals whose business revolves around a particular season. But that’s not to say that seasonal marketing isn’t useful for those with more diverse businesses! Let’s talk about how you can use seasonal marketing in your business.

Businesses that Don’t Depend on a Single Season

Seasonal marketing can be a bit tricky, and many people opt to avoid it altogether. Whether you’re advertising for clothing, accounting services, or a lamp repair shop seasonal marketing can help you increase your leads and conversions. You will want to keep this approach simple, as you still want your content to be the focus of your campaign. A successful technique for this kind of message is the “Ending Soon!” email. The “Ending Soon” tactic takes advantage of the changing of the seasons to promote a limited-time offer. “End of Summer Sale”, for example. Another way to use the seasons is to use the temperature as a hook, “Hot Deals to Match the Summer Heat” is always a popular subject line you will see in and around the dog-days of summer. You will see that little tricks like this will keep you business relevant and a little bit more relatable.

Businesses that Do Depend on a Single Season

If your business depends upon a single season to make the majority of its income, then you should already be invested in seasonal marketing! If you’re not, however, or even if you’re simply looking for a quick brush up, let’s talk about how this kind of marketing can help you.Let’s say that you run a surf shop on the beach. You know that the majority of your business will come in from May to August. That means that instead of gearing up for the “holiday rush” that other retailers plan in December, you should be planning a marketing campaign designed for the summer. Play up your beach appeal! Send out emails targeted to different demographics, and talk about different things. One email could be about surfing for beginners, for example, while another could talk about the virtues of your particular shop or the area in which you’re located. Play up the importance of your particular business and explain to readers why you will make their summer and their vacation a great one. Be specific!

Offer Incentives

Another option to pursue with seasonal marketing is the offering of incentives. Similar to the “ending soon” email, the incentive email talks about why the reader should act immediately. Do they get a discount for purchasing something within the next two days? The next hour? Why should the potential customer act, and what do they gain in return? Offer them incentives that assure them they’re getting the best option possible when it comes to their buying decision. It’s easy to utilize seasonal marketing to do this. All you have to do is center these incentives around the season in question, and make it clear that once the season ends, the deal is gone forever!Seasonal marketing is a great way for almost any business to increase their leads and their sales. Follow the advice above and see how boosting your seasonal marketing game can help you achieve more leads and conversions.

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