Claiming Scarcity Gets Your Customers Buying

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Did you know that one of the most commonly encountered psychology principles is scarcity? Are you aware of the fact that you can use it to improve your emails and increase your sales? Basically, people tend to highly value anything that is limited. A shortage of products triggers user’s desire to own at least one product quickly.This scarcity principle can be very well used to your own advantage in the emails you send. Customers get easily excited by phrases that indicate low stocks. They associate the product with high demand and regard it as being exclusive. Very few people can resist the urge to buy limited editions.

How does scarcity work?

A recent study analyzed the appeal of scarcity in advertising. Can you guess what the researchers found out? This is surprising, especially if we consider the power of advertising. They concluded that scarcity has a great appeal to a user’s intention to buy something and that it can significantly modify the attitude as a customer. It all comes down to one’s personality.Whether we are talking about limited time or limited supply, consumers are more likely to take action. The limited supplies provided by your business are immediately linked to popularity. The “snob effect” has its role as well. In laymen’s terms: if people think they are the only ones who can get something, it makes them want it even more.

Need to be unique

According to neuromarketing studies, there exists something called ‘need for uniqueness’ and it plays a major part in marketing. There are two ways to make use of this need. A low ‘need for uniqueness’ can be triggered by other’s choices. People long to conform to social standards and groups. When they know that there are only a few pieces left, this will persuade them to join the group of buyers.The high ‘need for uniqueness’ is more prevalent when it comes to people who are impressed by limited quantities. They want to stand out by owning rare products. Any product or offer that comes in a low quantity will raise their interest.As a matter of fact, scarcity is present in people’s everyday life in different forms. Message framing matters a lot. Great advertisers point out the disadvantages of failing to adopt a behavior (loss frame) and the advantages of adopting a certain behavior (also known as a gain frame).The loss frame is all about showing what they will miss out on. The gain frame focuses on the great benefits that they will enjoy. A smart marketer can use the feelings of insecurity and longing that pop up in these situations to their benefit.

Conformity matters too

Do you want to go for distinctiveness or conformity? Emphasize the reduced availability to stimulate the high ‘need for uniqueness’ and the social advantages to get better results with the low ‘need for uniqueness’.Customers that long to join a group have that specific low need for uniqueness, right? So they respond to phrases like ‘only a few items available’.  The social environment matters here so you need to make them feel that when they are purchasing your products, they will be members of a popular group. They crave to be part of the of something and it’s your job to give it to them. Think about it: you are letting your customer be part of something bigger by having them by your product. That is called a win-win situation.Don’t be afraid to emphasize the low availability of a product or service and to remind them about the losses they might face if they don’t get your product. Play on their need to be accepted and to be unique. If you can manage giving them a taste of both, your emails will definitely be successful.

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