3 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Click Rates

by Victor Green
3 mins read

When you send out emails, the hope is that you can engage your audience in some way and get them to interact with your message. People use all kinds of metrics and analytics to evaluate the impact that they have made in an attempt to measure the value of their efforts.Beyond open rates, clicks are one of the most important metrics for evaluating email marketing performance and audience engagement. This is an important metric because it indicates how many people have read your email and been inspired to find out more information through the links embedded in your copy. It also shows how many people have been directed to your company’s website and other properties linked to in your email content.However, there is nothing more frustrating than sending out an email campaign and finding out that no one has clicked a single link. You may have spent hours crafting what you imagined to be the perfect email, only to find out that no one even gave it a second glance. Unfortunately, this is a reality for a huge portion of unsuccessful email marketing.

Why Does No One Click The Links In My Emails?

Let’s assume that a decent amount of your subscribers are opening your emails. This would imply that you have probably figured out how to craft a subject line that gets people to open your email marketing. However, if you are still finding that no one clicks on the links inside your content, then you may be missing something in your copy.

3 Methods For Boosting Click Rates

Explain Why – It isn’t enough to simply ask someone to click on one of your links. You need to clearly express why it is important or beneficial for them to do so.“Knowing why you want someone to engage with your content is the most important step when developing your email campaign – and the only way to avoid spamming people,” says Olivia Savage from Business2Community. “What is the purpose of this piece of content, and why should readers care? Will downloading your white paper help them solve a common problem?”Keep It Human – Most people are turned off by content that is ridden with salesy terms. If your email reads like an ad, then people will probably just dismiss your message.“If you want your email to result in clicks, don’t even think about using any marketing jargon – especially the kind of buzzwords you’d use in a sales pitch, like “cutting-edge” and “revolutionary.” The email should come directly from an email account associated with a recognizable human and sound like it, too,” recommends Savage. “Whether it’s a CEO or your sales rep, be sure the text doesn’t sound too corporate or robotic. Keep it short, simple and sincere.”Keep It Simple – People are busy. They don’t have time to listen to a long-winded explanation about why they should buy your product or service. If they don’t see immediate value, then they are going to move on quickly.“In total, the email itself should also be less than 200 words, with one clear call to action (CTA) – not two, or three, or four. Trust me when I tell you no one is going to read a short story about why they should check out your white paper, register for your newsletter or view your webinar. No one,” says Savage. “But if you can get your message across in a couple of sentences, there’s a good chance you’ll see click rates rise.”

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