Project Management: A Multifaceted Approach

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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When I embarked on my journey into the world of Digital Marketing, I beheld a hungry ambition to benefit from my M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, with a newfangled approach. I sought to apply my knowledge in a fresh and creative way; as such, I feel privileged to have found this at Elite Digital.I had a premature notion of what to expect upon applying for the position of Project Manager. I discerned that the typical day-to-day tasks would consist of client-relations, project monitoring, success tracking, undergoing QA processes, that sort of thing. Suffice it to say, I certainly overestimated how much I thought I knew about my propitious opportunity.The Digital Marketing plane encompasses a myriad of factions and disciplines that all trickle into one another. Merely a few weeks into my new position, I had already honed skills I never imagined I would undertake. I found myself expanding my horizons in countless ways. This industry has allowed me to unearth personal growth through developing front and back-end code for both email and web, expanding an open-mind to fresh and innovative marketing perspectives, and through the meticulous approach that exists in analyzing creative design. I know that this skillset only skims the surface of what is to come, as it is a pleasure to wear multiple hats that all contribute to the grand scheme of things. There is invaluable satisfaction in seeing your efforts come to life the way they do in this environment.Because of the enriched diversity of people who have a place in this industry, I have learned that this type of workplace inspires boundless self-discovery. I was pleasantly astounded by the allowance of growth that comes with working in this field. I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented designers, developers, and leaders who I can look up to and learn from daily. The learning curves never cease to exist and that’s one of those most refreshing and stimulating aspects of working for such a dynamic, go-getting company.These aspects of Elite encourage me to embrace each day because of the rich knowledge that is available to me within the company. And the parts which I am most privileged for are that time does not feel like a construct, and efforts are never overlooked. I have never experienced a day go on tirelessly or felt as though my work has gone unrecognized or unappreciated. There is a great sense of fulfillment in knowing that I will never stop cultivating my strengths thanks to the branches of opportunity that live within the Elite team. I am thankful that I will never be faced with tedium when working in a highly stimulating atmosphere such as this one.Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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