How To Use Google Optimize to Boost Conversions

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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How to Use Google Optimize to Boost Conversions
Google Analytics just updated Google Optimize making it even easier to help organizations boost their conversions when they use it to analyze their websites and AdWords banners. Optimize now directly connects experiments with AdWords, making optimization of keywords, accounts, and more way more straightforward.What is Google Optimize?For people who do not know how Optimize works, here is a rundown of what it can do. Optimize can help businesses analyze their websites, helping them figure out the best way optimize their pages. For instance, an organization might want to know if all of their content should be on one page or broken into several smaller pages. Optimize can tell the business owner the best way to do that. Or an owner might want to know which call to action will be best targeted to their audience. Optimize can help marketers and owners with that, too.How to Use Optimize to Choose Advertisements for Google AdWordsOptimize can even help businesses choose the best banners for displaying to potential customers using Google AdWords by allowing them to run tests to determine which banner is more effective. By using Optimize, businesses can run split tests to determine which color background or call to action generates more clicks to their page. With this information, businesses can then make an informed decision as to which type of advertisement works best, whether it’s a video, banner, or some other form of advertising.How to Set Up Optimize and AdWordsGoogle AdWords and Optimize can now be linked, making the tests even easier to perform. You will also need to set up the auto-tagging feature to track the clicks of individual users.Tests to Conduct to Boost ConversionsBusiness owners can use Optimize to make a better connection with their users. Businesses can do this by analyzing several different data sets and offering users different experiences based on the information owners and marketers receive back.

  • Geographic Location: One of the ways that Optimize can help business owners’ segmentation is by analyzing which advertising methods work best in certain geographic locations. For instance, some regions use different language for the same item. With Optimize, business owners can change the language and images to fit the geographic location they are trying to connect with.
  • Exact-Matched Searchers: Optimize can also help business owners tailor their messages depending on whether the visitor arrived to the site with an exact-match keyword or a keyword that was only close. Exact-match keywords can indicate a more specified knowledge on the part of the user, and a business owner can tailor their message to meet the expectations of the user.
  • Cutting Down on Text: Especially with mobile device users, less information can actually be better for conversion rates. It’s overwhelming for users to process through too much information, so by using Optimize, business owners can run tests to determine if a more streamlined approach will actually boost conversions.

These are just a few of the ways that Optimize can help business owners boost conversions. With so many experiments that can be linked to AdWords, think about all of the aspects of your marketing that you could tweak, leading you to even greater numbers of conversions even more easily, and ultimately pushing your organization forward.Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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