How Email Marketing Can Make You Money

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Looking to make money from your mailing list? Well you might be one in millions of people looking for ways to do this. Nowadays, it is much easier to make money from email marketing, but when it is done just right, the possibilities are endless. This article is a collection of ways through which to make more money from email marketing.

The list

This might seem obvious but still rings true; one of the ways to make more money from email is to build a bigger mailing list. Building a bigger list means improving one’s ability to capture emails though direct opt-ins, landing pages and other incentives. Do not simply sit back and hope people will be inspired to sign up for the company’s content. Instead, make the prospect of joining so attractive that anyone who visits the website cannot wait to sign up.


Content is important, and regardless of how big one’s list is, the content they receive must be useful for the email marketing to be effective. Give the recipient some value and show them just how serious you are. One of the missteps that most people take is confusing value with a sales pitch. Do not hit them with a pitch straight off the bat. Offer them enough value that they feel that they are getting so much for free. This way, it becomes a no-brainer when the time comes for them to buy.

Affiliate marketing

Whatever happens during email marketing, avoid spamming your mailing list. Still, it does not hurt to leverage the power of affiliate marketing. If there is a company or product that offers complementary products or services, then tell the mailing list about it. Affiliate marketing builds trust and confidence in the brand, and recipients will feel that the company has an interest in them beyond the obvious pecuniary one.

Create something unique

Email marketing is opt-in in nature, meaning everyone on the mailing list is already invested in the company and its products. The levels might vary, but everyone who opts in has an element of respect and trust for the brand, and is interested in what they have to offer. To make more money from email marketing, companies and marketers can take advantage of this trust. Dig into the data provided by the mailing list and target market analytics and use this to create a unique product or product category. The recipients already trust the sender, so it will be a much easier sell.


One of the hidden secrets of making money from email is segmentation. In most mailing lists, there are the true fans and buyers, and those that are just mildly interested and along for the ride. Segmentation helps the company differentiate between these two; the true fans are whom you should target. When buyers are separated into their own list, it is easy to approach them with upsell proposals. Different strategies can be used on the rest of the dormant people on the list.

Replaying promotions

Is there a promotion that worked particularly well? Why not use the same tactics again? This is why it is important to keep track of all campaigns and promotions, and compare the numbers to know exactly who gives the better numbers. With this in mind, it is easier to run successful campaigns again. Make small tweaks like design elements and the addition of contextual information. Chances are that new buyers, either completely new or those that were not ready to buy from the original campaign, will be captured.

Paid premiums

Many people are getting ahead by offering premium content to people on their lists. A paid subscription newsletter can be marketed to the mailing list as a way of generating even more revenue. The key, however, is to make sure the content being given is truly premium. The customer should feel straight away that they are getting their money’s worth. The power of the internet and the availability of information makes this hard, so make sure any information offered to the list and marketed as premium is not being offered anywhere else.


For you to make money, you must offer value to the customer, but must find a way to sell to them too. The best and most profitable campaigns are those that find the perfect balance between these two camps. There is no success if the campaign leans too far on either side. Do not bombard recipients with sudden sales pitches. Instead, focus on building relationships with them first, then slipping in offers and promotions later on. The promotions and offers must be ones you know will help the reader long term.In a marketing world heavily interested in return on investment, improving the earning capacity of your email marketing campaign is important. The above mentioned recommendations are all you will need to make more money.

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