Everything to Include in Facebook Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

2.9 billion people use Facebook, making it an exceptional way to reach potential new customers. If you’re performing Facebook marketing, you likely have some questions. What are the best tactics to use? What exactly does Facebook offer in regards to social media marketing? 

Read on for the top Facebook marketing strategies you need to know. 

Keep Your Facebook Page Up-To-Date

Your Facebook profile is one of the first places potential customers will look when trying to find information about your restaurant. 

Update your profile often, making sure all the essential information is easy to find, like your hours, menu, contact information, and website link. 

Highlight Customer Reviews

It’s common for people to look up a restaurant’s reviews before deciding to eat there. If customers can easily find great reviews on your Facebook page, they’re much more likely to visit you.

If you don’t have any reviews to post, ask friends or frequent customers if they could write something for you to share on your page. Pay attention to comments on your Facebook posts too, as sometimes people leave their positive feedback there. 

Add CTA Buttons

Make it easy for customers perusing your Facebook page to book a reservation, contact you, or view your menu with the use of CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

Facebook makes it easy to add these and offers different options depending on the action you’d like your customers to take. The buttons will show up at the top of your Facebook profile so it’s one of the first things people see when visiting your page. 

Create Purposeful Posts

Making regular Facebook posts is a good way to create engagement and encourage potential customers to click on your profile.

Post to share new menu items, advertise events happening at your restaurant, offer discounts, or share photos and videos from your business. You can even schedule the posts ahead of time, making planning out your marketing content easy. 

Respond to Messages

Oftentimes a customer will use your Facebook page to ask questions they have about your business. If you receive a message in Facebook Messenger, try to respond to the question or comment as quickly as possible.

Not only is this more professional, but replying promptly makes your page show a “Responds quickly” message to show everyone you’re often active. 

Look Into Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are great for marketing restaurants online because they promote your page to people that don’t already follow you, helping you attract new customers. 

While Facebook Ads aren’t free, there are lots of different options for how to use them, like creating different audience profiles to target groups who might want to try your food. 

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Use Facebook Marketing Strategies to Your Restaurant’s Advantage

Facebook marketing strategies are a perfect way to reach a new audience while making returning customers feel connected to your restaurant. With all of these Facebook marketing tools at your disposal, your restaurant is sure to reap the benefits. 

Do you still have marketing questions? Elite Digital is here to help. Contact us today to find out how our experienced team can meet your needs. 

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