Confirming The Right Choice With Email Marketing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Does your business send confirmation emails?If not, you could be missing out on a critical step in nurturing your prospects and retaining your customers. The relationship between a business and its customers is fickle to say the least. If it is not handled with care, it can easily fall apart.In order to be successful, it requires clear and consistent communication that keeps a prospect’s attention and expresses the best side of a business. A confirmation email is really the first step in establishing the tone of the relationship from the beginning.“As with any relationship, first impressions are extremely important. The same goes for business to consumer relationships and confirmation emails,” says Emma Weir, contributor to Business2Community. “As potentially the first correspondence a customer will receive from you, it’s crucial you make a good impression.”

What Is A Confirmation Email?

Chances are that you have received dozens of confirmation emails in your inbox before. A confirmation email is exactly what it sounds like – it’s an email reply that is used to confirm the outcome of an action. What it is confirming can very depending on what prompted the email response.“Confirmation emails can range anywhere from newsletter subscription sign ups to account updates and order/payment confirmation to shipping and delivery statuses,” explains Weir. “Quite often they are heavily overlooked but they actually serve a very important purpose. Not only do theses emails provide vital verification of details for your customers, they also show your reliability as a brand and allow you to build a future relationship with them.”

What Else Do Confirmation Emails Deliver?

Letting your customers or prospects know that something has been completed is not the only function of a confirmation email. In fact, there are many other marketing strategies at play and the benefits that it provides are numerous.Boost Brand AwarenessA confirmation email is a great chance to re-enforce your message. If you have gotten enough of someone’s attention to get them to act, then sending out a confirmation email is a huge opportunity for painting a clear picture of your brand. This means the next time they think about your brand, they will know exactly what to expect.Cross PromotionA confirmation email is one of the best chances to cross-promote a similar product or service. Your reader is already listening, so you need to capitalize on what you can offer them while they are paying attention. It is much more difficult to get them to come back, then to get them to stay.Collect Customer Insight and ReviewsIf you want to find out what your customers think about your product or service, then a confirmation email is a great way to draw out some of that information. If someone has made a purchase, ask them to fill out a quick survey or leave a review of your product.Offer A BonusIf someone has made a purchase from you or signed up to your subscriber list, reward them with something. This will keep you in their mind and incentivize them to continue interacting with your brand. It may also inspire more purchases or for your customers to share information about your business.

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