7 Opportunities to Increase the Impact of Your B2B Email Marketing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

It is no secret that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. The impressive return on investment alone is enough to convince anyone who holds any kind of doubt.The majority of marketing firms leverage email marketing to:• Generate more leads• Nurture prospects• Get more subscribers• Generate more revenueHowever, many firms are still having difficulty getting the most out of their B2B email marketing, but this doesn’t mean that it is not possible.

7 Opportunities To Maximize Impact

Welcome Emails – Welcome emails are usually the first email that anyone will receive from a company. This usually occurs after someone has become a subscriber in some form. Many marketers rely on a generic response, but this could be a missed opportunity.“First impressions count, and welcome emails are the perfect opportunity to make a good one,” recommends Karen Taylor, contributor to Business2Community. “Plus, prospects’ response to your welcome email can add vital data to their behavioral profiles, which you can use to conduct behavior-based email marketing.”Thank You Emails – Thank you emails are an opportunity to reaffirm your message and solidify your relationship with a prospect.“Thank you emails demonstrate common courtesy and appreciation for your leads and prospects. A natural reason to send a thank you email is when people download your content, such as whitepapers, success stories and eBooks,” recommends Taylor. “This also can have the added benefit of giving you insight into behavior-based email marketing, by building more actions into your prospect profiles.”Newsletters – Newsletters don’t need to be boring and they can be a great method of connecting with your audience.“Newsletters are ideal vehicles for achieving several marketing goals, including staying in touch with prospects, sharing company news, building greater brand awareness and building a relationship with people interested in what you’re selling,” says Taylor. “Their clicks on your newsletter add important insight into their behavioral profile.”Promotional Emails – Promotional emails are a chance to give a straightforward pitch to the recipients in your list.“Promotional emails are typically the driving force of companies’ road to new revenue because they make direct product and service offers to prospects, enticing them to make a purchase,” says Taylor. “Use promotional emails every time you have a specific offer to deliver to your leads, prospects and customers.”Educational Emails – Educational emails are quickly becoming recognized as an essential tool to any effective nurture campaign.“The purpose of educational emails is to provide your leads and prospects with valuable industry knowledge connected to your business or product,” describes Taylor. “This method of outreach helps attract leads and build stronger relationships and trust.”Testimonial Emails – Testimonial emails are your chance to present evidence of your company’s success.“Testimonial emails can be among the most powerful emails in your repertoire because they reinforce how valuable your business or product is through customer feedback,” notes Taylor.Survey Emails – Survey emails are growing as a fantastic method of engagement and are becoming increasingly common in many digital marketing strategies.“That’s not surprising because they can deliver incredible insight,” says Taylor. “For one thing, companies gain the opportunity to collect helpful information they can use to improve their customer experience, products and marketing.”Everyone one of these opportunities is a chance to get the most out of your B2B email marketing. Don’t miss out on huge potential because you weren’t ready to act. Know when there is an opening and do your best to get your message through it.

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