Elite Email Adopts Email Experience Council’s New Industry Standards (and Passes Audit!)

Here at Elite Email we always like to be ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of the latest developments in the industry.

One of the issues our industry desperately needed to address was the terminology and standards we use to measure email marketing results, such as opens, clicks, etc.

Most industries have clearly defined terms and that proves to be very useful so you can get an “apples to apples” type comparison across different vendors. For example, those of us who buy online advertising know that when we see “CPM” we know that we are talking about “Cost Per Thousand”. You’ll never go to one vendor and find out that when they say CPM they mean cost per 500… that’d be weird!

But, if you go to an email marketing vendor and ask them about their “Open Rate”, the way they measure that and the way they account for that could be very different than someone else.

Thanks to the Email Experience Council and the tireless two-year effort of the Measurement Accuracy Roundtable, our industry has a new set of standards we can follow.

With that being said, I’m proud to announce that Elite Email has fully adopted the Email Experience Council’s new reporting standards. As a result, and after a successful audit, Elite Email is now amongst the first email marketing service providers to achieve the “Email Measurement Accuracy” seal. The purpose of the “Email Measurement Accuracy” seal, which you can now see displayed in the “Reports” section of your account, is to inform email marketers of the service provider’s commitment to industry standards for fair and accurate measurement of email metrics.

Email Experience Council - Audited for Email Measurement Accuracy

We didn’t want to confuse our long-time users with a sudden change in terminology, so for the moment you’ll see both the traditional and new terms in your account.

We’re excited to be leading the way towards improving the email marketing industry and want to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the Email Experience Council for their great work.

You can view our official press release online by clicking here.

You can see Elite Email on the Email Experience Council S.A.M.E. project supports page by clicking here.


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