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Implementing Video into your Emails

In our constantly changing, quickly expanding world, the format of video speaks more to the changing attention span of the average person than the traditional written word. This transition, though a gradual one, is becoming more apparent each and every day. Consumers in all industries crave clear information that they …

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5 Tips for Making Great Inbox Video Content

For many brands and marketers, video content stands as a sort of “holy grail” when it comes to managing a winning campaign. Standing as both a prized inclusion in a marketed message and a source of seemingly endless frustration, successfully chasing this offering often comes with a myriad amount of …

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Finding a Spot for Video in Your Marketed Messages

The key to email marketing isn’t always found within the body of text that makes up the message. Sure, if the core of your email is weak, that’s a major issue on its own. However, simply relying on this text alone, even if it is properly composed, also isn’t always …

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