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How To Be Persuasive With Your Email Marketing

Woman writing emails

Writing an email for marketing purposes is different than writing an email to a friend or co-worker. When you craft a marketing email, you are sharing information or communicating with intent. Most likely, you are trying to guide your readers towards a product or service that you offer. It may …

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How To Avoid ‘Inbox Blindness’ With Your Email Marketing

These days, people see advertisements everywhere that they go. Particularly when surfing the web, every single webpage is covered in flashing banners and blinking ads. This has caused people to create a natural defense in their minds that allows them to passively scan over most of the valueless content that …

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The Six Keys to Attractive Email Subject Lines

It’s no big secret that a strong subject line can stand out on the screen. In fact, plenty of industry voices point to this part of the marketed message as the most crucial point in the process. Unfortunately, simply acknowledging the need for a great subject line isn’t the same …

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