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The Truth Behind Emojis and Open Rates

When it comes to email marketing, one of the most important indicators of success is how many people open your emails. An email that is never opened has zero impact, so it is essential to get people to start reading by whatever method possible. Even if they don’t click through …

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Three Types of Subject Lines to Avoid at all Costs

We live in a world where text on the internet can only survive if its subject line is flashy, catchy, and eye-popping. On one extreme end of this spectrum is clickbait; on the other is a bland, simply uninteresting title. The key for email marketers is to find the fine …

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Email Marketing: Master the Art of the Subject Line

When you’re building an email marketing campaign, chances are good that you’re spending a lot of time planning the best course of action and considering different angles to try. While you’re carefully crafting your content, however, don’t forget to take the time to make sure that you’ve mastered the fundamentals! …

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Craft an Awesome Subject Line and Get More Opens

When you send out your next email campaign, you have no way to know the state of the inboxes it will be landing in. It may be one of only a few messages some people receive. But it may be one of hundreds, too. Either way, you want your message …

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