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What the ProtonMail Hacker Attacks Mean for the Email World

The past several days have been a veritable nightmare for the Swiss encrypted email service provider, ProtonMail. Amidst a constant and unrelenting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, this company has quickly been educated in one of the harshest lessons found in the digital world: Secure practices and systems aren’t …

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5 Tips for Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Safe and Secure

While there’s no denying that email marketing is the biggest name on the web in terms of boosting your awareness among customers, this doesn’t always mean that the inbox stands as a clear and unobstructed path to increased returns on your investment (ROI.) Just like any other powerful innovation, the …

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Understanding the Yahoo Email Breach: Are You at Risk?

iPhone with mail service icons

When it comes to email marketing, a security breach like the one that recently hit Yahoo isn’t just an interesting piece of news — it’s a seismic event that sends ripples throughout the industry and leaves everyone, especially those who use Yahoo’s services, wondering what happens next. The bottom line? …

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