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How to be Perfectly Personal in your Emails

Let’s face it: emailing is far from the most personal way to connect to your customers. A virtual salutation is nothing at all like a handshake. Of course, emailing has massive productivity benefits over how business used to be conducted before the internet, but the truth is that it’s quite …

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Is SMS Marketing Too Personal for Your Brand?

After reading that headline, you’re probably doing a double take. With virtually every blog and Twitter talking head espousing the benefits of getting personal with your text contact list, it might not make a lot of sense. However, there’s definitely a line that’s just waiting to be crossed by unsuspecting …

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Learn From HootSuite’s Mistake and Check Your Email Merge Tags

Email merge tags are a great way to personalize a message so that it is far more customized to the recipient. Personally, I like getting emails that say “Hi Robert” instead of just “Hello Newsletter Subscriber”. I also think that having some degree of personalization helps distinguish legitimate emails that …

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