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Are Emojis Right for Your Email Marketing Subject Lines?

There’s a lot of talk within the email community regarding the usage of slang and jargon within email content – specifically the subject line. Generally, the consensus from industry thought leaders is that these buzzwords, acronyms, and other colloquialisms don’t add much to the process when it comes to catching …

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Where Does Reputation Fit into Email Marketing?

At the heart of developing an email marketing campaign is an emphasis on solid fundamentals and the creation of valuable and engaging content. However, once you take these attributes and apply them to real world situations, the path to success becomes a considerably rockier road. This resonates even more if …

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6 Easy Ways to Add Personalized Features to Your Emails

The modern online shoppers loves to feel special, unique, and desired by digital merchants and brands alike. Unfortunately, when it comes to tapping into this notion via the inbox, there’s few things that can kill a consumer’s enthusiasm quite like a “personalized” email that slaps in the shopper’s name at …

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4 Types of Emails You Can Bet Your Audience Won’t Open

When your email marketing campaign fires on all cylinders, there’s no denying that this connection with your target audience rises above all of your other marketing options. However, that doesn’t that mean standing tall in the inbox is an easy affair. In fact, there are plenty of pitfalls that can …

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Where Does “Above the Fold” Fit into Email Marketing?

There’s definitely not a lot of love lost between the worlds of email and print marketing. After all, with the rise of this form of digital advertising and the fact that more brands than ever want to connect with consumers via the inbox, it’s easy to see why newspapers and …

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