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So You Want To Email Market To Millennials?

Group of young people on laptops

Millennials are a misunderstood yet seriously sought-after demographic in the marketing world. Every digital marketer longs to attract millennials since they’re the largest living generation with such tech-driven nature. Still, there’s something entirely different about Gen Y that makes appealing to them a notoriously difficult task. “Millennials are eschewing the …

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Email Marketing is Still Relevant to Young Consumers

Our virtual world is expanding so rapidly, with new innovations springing up from the ether seemingly every day. Because of this extreme spike in technological novelty, it’s tempting to think of the first implementations of the virtual world (like emails) to be in danger of being obsolete. While we can’t …

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Marketing to Millennials: Do They Read Emails?

Targeting millennials is the newest marketing buzz, and for a good reason. Millennials are now the largest demographic segment and their annual buying power is poised to hit $200 billion in 2017. It is therefore no surprise that brands are falling over themselves trying to figure out to best way …

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Crafting SMS Content That Speaks to Millennials

If there’s one thing you need to know about the most important segment of consumers in today’s marketplace, the “Millennials,” it’s that these young men and women can’t live without their phones. From this perspective, it makes plenty of sense to have a strong SMS presence that truly speaks to …

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5 Email Marketing Tactics That Are “on Fleek”

To the Millennial generation, being “on fleek” is all about offering up something that is “on point” or to do something in the right way. In other words, if the youthful portion of your audience offers up the “on fleek” commendation, it’s safe to say that your brand is winning …

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