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Re-engaging Customers – Four Key Guidelines

There’s nothing like the fresh, vibrant connection between you and a new subscriber. They just can’t wait to get their hands on your newslet-ter, and they revel at the subtle windows within the email that show your virtual personality shining through. However, the more time passes, the higher likelihood of …

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Increasing your Email Budget is Worth the Cost

Despite the progressions made on the mobile smart devices and social media marketing fronts, email continues to be a thriving medium replete with the potential for growth. Most operating businesses today can reap the rewards of a strategic, calculated email marketing campaign, especially if they’re working under the right kind …

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Ad Retargeting – Funny Cartoon

Ad retargeting has really changed the advertising landscape and redefined how marketers can put their message in front of you. The age-old sales motto has been that it takes 7 touchpoints to convert a prospect. While in the past it might have been difficult to get those 7 touchpoints, ad …

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