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The Business Owner’s Guide to Introductory Emails


Your email strategy is one that should be all encompassing. From the email customers get upon signing up for your newsletter, to their password reset email, each of these should be optimized for success. Most important of these is the email that welcomes a person to your service, your product …

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Personalization and Personality In Email Newsletters

It’s 2016 and consumers aren’t looking to work with businesses that look, feel and act like a faceless corporation. In decades past, consumers haven’t been as focused on the personality presented by a company or store they frequented. What mattered was that they made good products and offered top-quality services. …

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Our Top Picks for Email Marketing Trends This Year

The email marketing climate has most definitely shifted in the past half-decade – it’s ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends, especially in such a digital and innovative day and age. In order to stay informed and educated on email marketing, you must be aware of what …

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Recapturing Email Marketing’s Missed Opportunities

Like many other endeavors or operations in your personal or professional life, the process of email marketing isn’t exempt from missed opportunities and overlooked chances – especially when it comes to truly connecting with the person on the other side of the screen. In fact, given the uncertainty and unfamiliarity …

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Are Brands Sending Too Many Marketed Messages to Teenagers?

It’s no big secret that the more youthful segments within your target audience are a vital piece to your brand’s overarching plan for sustainability. In fact, there’s a very strong case to be made that positions these consumers as the future of your business operations. Unfortunately, realizing the importance of …

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Learning to Optimize Your Email Marketing Customer Journey

In the world of digital outreach and marketing, the customer journey is the “road map” by which a brand understands and catalogs a consumer’s path to a conversion. From social media interaction and landing pages, to ad campaigns and in-app promotions, every starting point on the map seeks to culminate …

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