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Email Marketing is Alive and Well: Here’s Why

You’ve heard the rumors: email marketing is dying and other “more progressive” platforms (like social media, and mobile) are taking its place. But, like any gossip, have you considered the source of this talk around the water cooler? It would be easy to surmise that a well-established platform that has …

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Valentine’s Day 2013 Email Marketing Send Volume Up 16%

Chocolates, hearts, cupid and….. emails! Today Elite Email published the results of a study that analyzed the volume of emails scheduled for February 14, 2013 compared to last year. You can view the full release here. Overall, we found that email volume this year spiked a tremendous amount with an …

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Email Marketing Weekly Trends: It’s All About The Super Bowl

There are certain ways that people can take a pulse on the various “hot conversation topics” happening around the world. There’s the Twitter trending topics (view top trends from 2011), Google Hot Searches, and your Facebook news feed. But, here at Elite Email, we are able to see things from …

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