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5 Tips for Making Your Emails More Persuasive

Regardless of your chosen industry, branded products and services, or even the particulars of your target audience, one universal reality holds true across all email marketing campaigns: If your email content isn’t persuasive, then your presence in the inbox won’t generate much of a response. Fortunately, crafting persuasive email marketing …

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Will Wearables Change the 2016 Email Marketing Landscape?

Runner using smart watch

Even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy member of the digital community, chances are you’ve noticed someone walking through your office, grocery store, or other public place with an Apple Watch, Pebble or other “wearable” piece of tech. From this perspective, it makes sense for these wearables to seem …

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Newsletter Design Mistakes Your Brand Can’t Afford to Make

Often considered the flagship inclusion in many email marketing operations, a finely-tuned branded newsletter can truly leave a lasting impact on the members of your contact list. Unfortunately, the same notion holds true for the less than stellar iterations of this inbox asset. If you’re not interested in coming up …

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