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5 Reasons Why Emails Bounce (and How to Fix These Problems)

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Despite your best efforts, bounced emails can — and will — happen from time to time; it’s simply a part of the email marketing process. However, just because email bounces come with the territory sometimes, it doesn’t mean that these unwanted occurrences have to derail your digital marketing campaign. With …

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Why small businesses need to move away from Gmail and Outlook

Canadian consumers rate email as the primary way they keep in contact with the businesses they frequent. A recent study found that 68% of consumers use email to reach businesses, definitely trumping the telephone, mail and even social media methods, with less than 10% using each method. Unfortunately for many …

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6 Secrets of the Perfect Marketing Email

Email marketing can be a tough type of marketing to get right. Crafting the perfect email takes a little bit of skill and here are six secrets from the industry that should help. Actionable language The first point of entry in a marketing email is the subject line. It needs …

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5 Ideas for Improving Stagnant Email Deliverability Rates

Dealing with stagnant – or even dipping – email deliverability rates is one of the most disheartening experiences possible to slog through for both seasoned veterans and new members of the email marketing community alike. Unfortunately, with Jess Nelson of Media Post’s Email Marketing Daily blog reporting that deliverability rates …

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Overcoming the Digital World’s “Fat Thumbs” Dilemma

As everything from reading over the latest news stories to checking one’s email moves to the mobile sector of the digital world, there’s a growing problem that’s causing headaches for brands and consumers alike – the “fat thumbs” dilemma. While this might sound like a funny take on a not …

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Does Size Matter When It Comes to Email Marketing?

In terms of email marketing, few things are worse than watching your message end up in the spam folder or bounce back. Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of this isn’t related to a potentially damaged reputation or obtrusive marketing tactics. Instead, it’s something far more manageable and mundane – the size …

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