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How to Market Your Business for Free

Companies just starting out normally look to avoid outsourcing professionals to take care of their marketing needs. The fact is that professional marketing can quickly rack up a hefty bill, and all budding entrepreneurs know that a penny saved is a penny earned. Some startups just don’t have the budget …

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The Importance of Positive Wording in Emails

Language works in complicated, multi-layered ways. It has the surface effect which everyone knows — we use specific words in order to convey specific meanings. Then there’s the underlying part of language, wherein our emotions are conveyed subconsciously depending on which words we choose to say what we mean. We …

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Re-engaging Customers – Four Key Guidelines

There’s nothing like the fresh, vibrant connection between you and a new subscriber. They just can’t wait to get their hands on your newslet-ter, and they revel at the subtle windows within the email that show your virtual personality shining through. However, the more time passes, the higher likelihood of …

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The Importance of Standing out from the Crowd as an Email Marketer

As it is with every business, the most successful figures are those who distinguish themselves from the vast masses of their competitors. Pioneers in all fields emphasize consistent perseverance along with an open-minded attitude towards experimentation. While it is certainly useful to observe one’s field from an outside perspective and …

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