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Simple Hacks to Improve Your Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of connecting with a target audience and has proven results for encouraging action from consumers. However, many companies still spend countless hours crafting and sending emails and other marketing materials manually. “Marketing automation is one of the most valuable tools the …

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How to Personalize Marketing Automation

In this day and age, marketers rely heavily on automation, and for good reason. There’s simply too much to get done and not enough time to do it, so any processes that can be streamlined through automation should definitely be. That being said, automation is not a fool-proof concept — …

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Email Marketing Automation for Brand Marketers

Despite the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important for brand marketers to keep in mind that the algorithms running those programs are consistently subject to change. An email list is an invaluable asset, and one that is entirely in your control. The vast majority of …

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