Let’s Open Up About Email Marketing

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
A person typing on a laptop with email icons flying out of it.

As digital marketing strategies evolve, one common question is whether email marketing is worth the effort vs organic strategies like SEO. Considering that marketing automation tools make emailing easier than ever, the answer is: “YES”. Companies may have complex marketing strategies, so it’s hard to say whether emails are the single best tactic. But they can be vitally important to your digital marketing efforts in many ways.Email marketing is something that companies of any size or industry can do effectively. Here are some good reasons why email marketing continues to reward.Lets You Keep in Touch Emails allow you to keep your audience informed of any information you care to provide, from special offers and giveaways to new products. Most consumers check their inboxes at least once a day, and more for B2B clients. With email automation solutions, you can stay connected to thousands of consumers without making an effort. When they see emails from you, they know you have new information you think they’ll like. They’ll see you in a positive way even if they don’t get around to reading it, and that fuels customer engagement. That automated email is just a way for brands to say, “Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Here’s something you might care about.” This creates a digital bond between consumers and brands, even if they don’t realize it right away.Reach Customers at the Right Time With the ubiquity of mobile technology, users can access mail at any time and in any place they choose. More consumers today are using their devices to do comparisons and find the best prices, latest features, or most convenient locations for anything they are looking to purchase. With email marketing, you can reach potential buyers in real-time with your latest offer or digital coupons while they’re already out and on the go, or have the means to purchase right in their pocket; this can have a significant impact on their buying decisions.Personalized Messaging Email has been an essential part of communication since the dawn of the internet. While most people receive a flood of offers, with a little creativity, you can make your brand stand out from the others, and especially from the spam. Digital tools exist that allow you to personalize each message to the recipient, including the subject line and content. Software can integrate with CRM and other data solutions to add appropriate content for the recipient. If you craft personalized emails that customers look forward to and even enjoy, they’re far more likely to be opened and to generate sales.Emails Are Easy To Track Technology is now available that enables you to track what happens after emails are sent. Common measures to be captured include bounce, delivery, open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates. This provides a clear understanding of how effective your campaigns are, and how engaged your audience is. From data-mining this information, you can then make adjustments or experiment to improve those rates. By regularly reviewing and optimizing your metrics, you can continue to improve the results over time for both increasing ROI and brand loyalty. Metrics that are easy to track and specific are easier to optimize.Content Marketing Emails can also support your SEO campaigns by driving traffic to other online content that your brand may have planted elsewhere. By sending your growing list of subscribers to specific sites, you can enhance your SEM efforts by raising the ranking of your pages. You can even encourage engaged subscribers to create in-bound links to the sites they enjoy and further increase your SEO rankings.Grow Brand Awareness Email marketing provides a great opportunity to develop and maintain subscriber interest. However, the content you send must provide value, not just bombard the recipients with the latest deals. If you do not provide value, your audience will be quick to unsubscribe. The priority is to engage them and keep them engaged; repeat sales flow from the brand loyalty you’re building. Emails allow you to develop your brand and integrated SEM content through emotional ties. Insights into your company history and philosophy shared social causes, how-to or informational articles, interactive contests, and other terrific content is also more likely to be shared or discussed and is more likely to establish a personal and emotional connection with your audience when compared to a simple promotion or deal.While this involves many of the same ideas as social media, the difference is that subscribers have already shown their interest. You don’t have to wait for customers to visit your site to interact with them. Send them the content you think they’ll enjoy, and they can experience it at their leisure hopefully leave with a positive perception of your brand, all of which can have a positive impact on their emotions towards your brand.Affordable marketing Emails more cost-efficient than almost any other form of digital marketing. You can reach any number of consumers with marketing automation at a fraction of a penny at each mailing. The only costs are the time involved, which automation tools can reduce to a few minutes, depending on how detailed and personalized you want your emails to be. The conversions from emails are generally higher than channels such as expensive paid ads or even social media posts. Even with the purchase of email software or third-party services, your costs per conversion will still amount to a few pennies. Considering the potential returns, neglecting emails could be a critical business mistake.While a valuable tool for driving conversions, emails should also be seen as an opportunity to build brand awareness. It’s the perfect channel for sending the right content to the right people. When the customer is engaged, they’ll bring more business to you. But first, you have to bring it to them.Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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