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3 Important Mobile Marketing Trends

As of June 2013, 56% of US adults are smart phone users. And worldwide, there are 6.8 billion mobile users, up from 6 billion in 2011. As you can see from these statistics, mobile marketing is an important area of focus! The mobile marketing trends illustrate how to take advantage of this growing …

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What Internet Browser Do You Use?

These days people have a lot of choices for just about everything… What brand of clothing should I wear? What restaurant should I eat at? What TV programs should I watch? The list goes on indefinitely! We’re a long way away from the Henry Ford quote of “Any customer can …

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Company Field Trip to See Iron Man 3

The Elite Email motto is simple… Work hard, then work harder. Then play hard, followed by playing even harder. So, in an effort to abide by that motto, today the entire company took a field trip to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D. After all, from our days in …

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Spamhaus vs. CyberBunker – Biggest DDoS Attack in History

Cue the fight music… In this corner, we have Spamhaus, a nonprofit filtering service founded in 1998 that seeks to identify spam senders and spam service. They play a role in more than 1.7 billion email accounts worldwide as network operators use their data to determine the good from the …

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Watch All Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Online

One of my favorite days of the year is upon us, Super Bowl Sunday! As we all know, there’s more to the Super Bowl than just the game itself… there are the commercials! The Super Bowl is a super hyped media juggernaut that draws viewership of football fans & non-fans …

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A New Look For Our Website

As many people may have noticed, we recently unveiled a brand new design for our website. You can see everything at www.eliteemail.com. We have been so focused on releasing all the great new features with Elite Email Fusion that we didn’t really spend too much effort on our homepage and …

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