Social Media

Social Media and Email Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven?

It’s 2014, and the Internet has never been more alive with people connecting across the globe on countless platforms. While this might not be awe-inspiring to some, if you’re a business looking to connect with customers, this is the golden age of interactive marketing and building virtual connections. Standing astride …

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Hitting the Ground Running with Your New Blog

At first glance, starting a blog seems like a pretty easy process that doesn’t take much thought. Just sign-up on a free site, write up a few quick blurbs, and watch as your page pulls in loads of traffic, right? While this might sound great, it is unfortunately far from …

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3 Surprising Social Media Trends from 2013

According to one marketing company, 2013 offered a few surprising social media trends that may have a strong impact on social media in the coming year. One Google+ study showed that 57% of people have more conversations online than in person. Twitter has more than 230 million active users who post an average of 500 …

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