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How to Make Your Brand an Instagram Sensation

If there’s one thing that the regular readers of this blog know about Elite Email, it’s that we can’t emphasize enough how important social media is to the email and SMS marketing processes. A quick look at our coverage of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ should be more than enough to …

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Are You Making the Most out of Your Presence on Google+?

To truly leverage the power of your email marketing operations, it’s vital to have a strong presence within the world of social media. Otherwise, you could find that your brand is leaving something on the table in terms of reach and visibility from these outreach initiatives. While Facebook and Twitter …

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How to Actively Grow Your Contact List on Twitter

We all know that social media and email marketing can combine to do some powerful things when it comes to raising awareness about your brand. However, drumming up interest on a platform like Twitter requires so much more than just copying and pasting your inbox content into the 140 character …

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5 Social Media Tactics That Every Small Business Can Use

“Email and social media marketing go together like Batman and Robin” – D.J. Waldow, Social Media Examiner These words, from Social Media Examiner’s D.J. Waldow, encapsulate the modern relationship between email marketing and social media perfectly. When brought together, the combined powers of these connected practices can be truly extraordinary; …

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Can Facebook Ads Help Support Your Email Content?

While most blogs and industry thought leaders can’t talk enough about the power of Facebook when it comes to supporting an email campaign – and for good reason – few such community voices give the official advertising branch of this network the same amount of attention as the social management …

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Calling It Quits on Facebook? Read This First!

As far as social media goes, it’s hard to top the raw reach and power offered by Facebook. Sure, it might not have a complete monopoly on the market, but this platform still stands as the top dog when it comes to using social networks to generate consumer outreach. Of …

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