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Traditional marketing has evolved. The analog-to-digital switchover has brought with it new, innovative, and ubiquitous ways of transmitting knowledge, ideas, and advertisements to the world. If you’re looking for that ‘Elite Level’ of digital marketing news and information, you’re in the right place.

5 Fast and Easy Tips for Writing Winning SMS Message Content

Optimizing your SMS marketing offerings often feels like a never-ending affair – and in many ways, this notion couldn’t be more accurate. Viewer habits and preferences change with each passing day, so it’s beyond vital for your organization to keep moving forward and enhancing the experience when possible. Of course, …

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Learning to Optimize Your Email Marketing Customer Journey

In the world of digital outreach and marketing, the customer journey is the “road map” by which a brand understands and catalogs a consumer’s path to a conversion. From social media interaction and landing pages, to ad campaigns and in-app promotions, every starting point on the map seeks to culminate …

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Why Your Brand Needs to Embrace DMARC Adoption Today

As a seemingly endless stream of new threats to consumer security seek to compromise your dedicated inbox following with each passing day, it’s only natural for these highly valuable customers to become more and more wary of inbound messages and content. Of course, simply acknowledging the reality of the situation …

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Is Your Email Contact List Signup Form User-Friendly?

Imagine this scenario: You’ve successfully directed a potential new member of your email marketing contact list to one of your landing pages and he or she is ready and willing to start enjoying your inbox content. The only problem? Your signup form is unintuitive, hard to complete, and visually confusing. …

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5 Powerful Tips for Better List Segmentation

Having a massive inbox following is naturally the goal of every brand that commits to an email marketing strategy. Obvious statements aside, failing to get the most out of this audience via proper list segmentation can undo all of the hard work that you put into this process. If that …

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Making This Easter Your Best Yet in the Inbox

While getting into the everyday “grind” of email marketing is a vital part of winning in the inbox in the long term, it’s also important to have a strong plan in place for the major events that come up on the calendar from time to time. The upcoming Easter holiday …

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Has CASL Restricted the Growth of Email Marketing in Canada?

As the July 1st enforcement date for Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) came creeping closer and closer back in 2014, doomsayers and pessimists alike from Halifax to Vancouver decried this event as the end of email marketing in Canada. In some digital circles, this sentiment still holds strong to this day. …

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