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Robert Burko

Robert Burko is CEO and Founder of Elite Digital, a leading digital marketing agency. As one of Canada's chief digital marketing specialists, Burko has appeared on national television, radio, podcasts, and in countless print publications and blogs across North America. Burko is also a professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Seneca College in Toronto. Recognized as a thought leader in his industry, Robert is often invited to speak as an expert in his field at high-profile events across North America.

Just Released: Celebrity Social Media Power Rankings 2013

Social media has changed the world we live in…. If you jump back in time and told someone to “tweet something”, they’d think you have lost your mind. If you told someone to pin something to your board, they’d grab a thumbtack and look for your cork board (what’s a …

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Calgary Herald Article All About Elite Email

At Elite Email, we’re very digital focused. We live in cyberspace and spend our time helping clients maximize their marketing through the information super highway (<– which is totally an expression you don’t hear anymore!). There’s always people talking about us online and we see chatter in forums, blogs, review …

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How Phish Failed To Use Email Marketing Effectively

One of the great benefits of email marketing is that it’s fast. There’s no long lead time like with traditional print media. And, while it might not be as fast as composing a 140 character tweet, if you have a properly setup database and email marketing platform you can get …

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Ad Retargeting – Funny Cartoon

Ad retargeting has really changed the advertising landscape and redefined how marketers can put their message in front of you. The age-old sales motto has been that it takes 7 touchpoints to convert a prospect. While in the past it might have been difficult to get those 7 touchpoints, ad …

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What Internet Browser Do You Use?

These days people have a lot of choices for just about everything… What brand of clothing should I wear? What restaurant should I eat at? What TV programs should I watch? The list goes on indefinitely! We’re a long way away from the Henry Ford quote of “Any customer can …

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All About CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) in Plain English

For the most complete information about CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) please review the complimentary Elite Email CASL Survival Guide If you’re an email marketer you have undoubtedly heard of CASL, which is the acronym for “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation”. Does this new set of rules apply to you? YES! Do you …

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Company Field Trip to See Iron Man 3

The Elite Email motto is simple… Work hard, then work harder. Then play hard, followed by playing even harder. So, in an effort to abide by that motto, today the entire company took a field trip to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D. After all, from our days in …

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