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5 Reasons Why Using Your Personal Email Address is a Big Mistake

As a small business, chances are you skip out on a lot of the official red tape that comes with conducting business like one of the bigger organizations in your marketplace. While doing things like handling your social media accounts without professional assistance or building your own website might be fine most of the time, failing to have a branded email address can be a disaster in the making. In order to prove this point, here’s the top five reasons why using your private or personal email as part of your email marketing strategy is a big mistake.

Lacking a Branded Address Comes off as Unprofessional

In his look at this discussion, Forbes magazine’s Ryan Pinkham points out that it’s hard to come across as a professional entity when sending marketed messages from a private address. Inbox viewers expect formal sending addresses that include your company name or other relevant identifiers, so utilizing a casual offering in this field is a quick way to end up being disregarded by your target audience.

Even worse is the confusion this approach can generate within your valued base of viewers. Failing to announce the professional nature of your marketing message can lead to a “spammy” presentation that turns on the skepticism of these readers in a hurry. After all, we’ve all had a friend who uses Yahoo, Gmail, or another service provider spam his or her contact list with questionable content after being hacked or otherwise compromised.

Tracking Opens and Retrieving Data Becomes Near Impossible

Outside of lacking professionalism, going this route also inhibits your brand’s ability to tap into one of the greatest assets that comes with an email marketing campaign – the invaluable influx of consumer data and feedback. Private platforms aren’t designed to track open and click rates, as well as other key performance indicators (KPIs), so it’s unreasonable to assume that you’ll be able to refine and optimize your inbox and greater digital consumer experience when approaching your email marketing needs from this angle.

In other words, the best you can do is hope your content generates a response within its target audience and blindly make adjustments based on speculation and guesswork, not hard facts and insight.

Private Service Providers Can’t Handle Your Bulk Needs

From a logistical perspective, the experts over at the Oxxy Small Business blog note that using your personal email address as a base for your email marketing operations means relying upon a service provider that isn’t capable – or willing – to handle your bulk sending needs. This lack of control and flexibility can lead to wasted potential as you unroll an otherwise effective campaign.

It’s not that unreasonable for a small business to need to send thousands of messages during each phase of an inbox operation. However, doing this from a private address can lead to substantial amounts of lost or undeliverable messages, as well as plenty of offerings that end up heading directly to the spam folder.

Managing Lists and Contacts Manually Is a Nightmare

Have you ever tried to prune inactive list members or add in relevant contact information for thousands of consumers, one entry at a time? Needless to say, it won’t take long for you to find that this approach is about as inefficient as things can get when it comes to handling basic email marketing operations. Automated entry modifications and other list management tools that come with a professional email address and integrate with social and other platforms can save you countless hours – and your sanity – as you grow and maintain your contact list membership.

Private Addresses Are More Prone to Human Error

Finally, there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not perfect and that mistakes can – and will – happen. However, there’s a big difference between acknowledging this reality and playing right into a potential marketing catastrophe in the inbox. Without the safeguards of a professionally branded address and service platform, you’re always one click away from exposing your entire contact list in the “To” section of a message or some other avoidable error that can quickly put you in hot water with your audience.

The truth of the matter is that by using your private or personal email address as the basis for conducting your email marketing operations, you have committed to going this route all on your own. Without an established platform and team of email marketing professionals on your side, it’s nearly impossible to truly extract value from this prime marketing opportunity in an efficient and effective manner. If this isn’t okay with you, then it’s time to start looking into how your small business can operate in the inbox like the leading names in your industry.

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