5 Quick Tips for Freshening up Your Email Marketing Campaign

by Victor Green
3 mins read
Elite Digital

Despite the fact that email marketing is the biggest tool in most brand awareness arsenals, that doesn’t mean that embodying the “set it and forget it” mentality is the right way to go about managing your campaign. Sure, making drastic or sweeping changes is probably also not the appropriate approach, but it can’t hurt to freshen up your marketing messages from time to time with a few quick and easy upgrades. With this in mind, let’s spend a few minutes talking about some fun and simple ideas that can help breathe new life into your upcoming emails.

Build a Branded Persona

If you’re building message content that speaks from a brand-first perspective, it might be worth following in the footsteps of Get Covered; a non-profit organization aimed at raising public awareness among our neighbors to the south regarding the Obamacare health system. As part of its push to enroll Americans in viable healthcare plans, the team behind Get Covered created the character Nona as a way to enhance its communications in the inbox.Essentially, Nona shifts the intangible identity of the Get Covered foundation to the backburner in favor of a warm and engaging cartoon personality that appears in each specialized email. This in turn helps build continuity and familiarity within the message content. Even if you’re not in the same business as this non-profit, having a friendly face – like Nona – greet your audience each time a new message hits the inbox could be the key to making the most of a mini-rebranding or reimagining of your marketed content.

Share a Company Milestone

If you’d rather keep things a little more formal, Juile Niehoff of The Huffington Post suggests taking some time out of your standard message schedule and sharing some good news with your audience in the form of a brand milestone or achievement. Whether this means thanking contact list members for hitting a certain subscriber plateau or the opening of a branch in a new area, having a little celebration with the people that helped get your organization to this point never hurts. If you really want to go all-in on this strategy, tying a special promotion or discount to the good news can help build even more excitement and goodwill toward your content.

Open the Door for Conversation

Additionally, Niehoff also explains that realigning how you view the inbox could be the key to opening up a wider conversation with these customers. Instead of speaking at your audience, consider developing content that attempts to speak with these individuals. From asking for feedback and honest reviews regarding messages, products, and services, to incorporating social sharing tools and links that keep the discussion going on, on other platforms, switching up a few pieces of the email content creation process can help get your brand off to a fresh start that puts an even greater emphasis on reaching out to the people that make up your contact list membership.

Take a New Angle on Subject Lines

As far as trying to make a few changes that maximize your brand’s ability to make the most of a good first impression, Entrepreneur’s Sujan Patel points out that if you’re not testing your subject lines, you’re missing out on connecting with a significant portion of your audience.The reality of the situation is that regardless of how great your content is below the fold, if you don’t have a catchy or engaging subject line, some readers just won’t take the time to open your message. Unfortunately, no two audiences or demographics are the same, so testing a variety of new angles, all the way up from casual and witty to highly formal and professional, is the best way to develop a fresh new headline that packs a major punch.

Go Over Your Contact List with a Fine-Tooth Comb

While all of the rest of the tips and suggestions thus far have picked apart what goes into your content, Patel notes that sometimes refreshing your strategy comes from a completely unexpected direction – in this case, how you manage your content list. Having raw numbers that continue to climb and climb can look great from the outside, but this doesn’t always mean you have an accurate gauge of what’s really going on with this group. Unresponsive addresses, typos, and outdated information can all wreak havoc on the accuracy of your performance metrics, so routinely checking over these entries, in conjunction with the rest of what you’ve learned, can go a long way toward putting your email campaign in a place to thrive and succeed going forward.

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